Deal or No Deal Slot

Deal or No Deal Slot
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Published Date · Feb. 12, 2020 · Last Updated · Feb. 1, 2024
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Deal or No Deal Slot Review

Deal or No Deal Slot Overview

Deal or No Deal, brought to us by Gaming1, is an ode to the popular British game show of the same name. If you haven't watched the game show before, as soon as you start playing you will you get an instantaneous feel of the show. The design is very stripped back, and the symbols are very basic, but the overall imagery is uncanny to the show, with its staple black and gold theme presented throughout. There are five reels and 10 pay lines within this slot, as well as three bonus features. Three wild symbols will trigger one bonus game, meanwhile the other two bonus games are triggered randomly, how quickly will you trigger the bonus and the 500x max win?

Deal or No Deal Slot Details











500 x

Software Provider




Design and Layout

5 Reel Slots, Wild Symbol


Bonus Round, Scatter Symbols Slots

Credit to Gaming1 for creating such a faithful recreation of the show, and a surprisingly fun one at that! The base game might not be anything too special, but the bonus features really bring the game to life. Two randomly occurring bonus features - Player's Choice and Banker's Offer - are a nice touch which helps to make the gameplay fresh and not too predictable. The main Scatter Bonus incorporates the best parts of the Deal or No Deal game show, really making you feel the pressure when you're in the hot seat! If you’re a fan of Deal or no Deal, then inevitably you will enjoy this game. With a matching theme tune, as well as a high RTP, medium volatility and - not one but - three bonus games; even those who aren't a fan of the show may become a fan of the slot!


High RTP

Randomly Triggered Features

Fun Theme


Only 10 Paylines

A Bit Simplistic

No Free spins

How To Play Deal or No Deal Slot

Deal or No Deal Base
Deal or No Deal Base
Deal or No Deal Winning Combination
Deal or No Deal Winning Combination

Min Bet

Max Bet

Max Win




Deal or No Deal Basic Rules

  • This slot plays on five reels across three rows
  • There are 10 paylines available
  • Winning combinations are created by landing on matching symbols from left to right along a payline, starting at reel one
  • There are three bonuses to be triggered, but two of them will be triggered randomly

Deal or No Deal Slot Paytable & Symbols

Here's a guide to all the paying symbols on offer in Deal or No Deal. Standard low-paying symbols are playing card icons A,K, 10, J, and Q. Landing the most possible – five of a kind – of these brings a payout between 8x-20x your stake.

High-value symbols on Deal of No Deal are the banker, a woman with a briefcase, a buzzer and a lone silver briefcase. If you get five of these in a row, the buzzer or lone silver briefcase, will earn you 40x your bet.

The second highest symbol is the woman with a briefcase who will generate you 100x your win if you trigger five of those symbols. Meanwhile, the highest earner on the paytable is the banker who can generate you 500x your win if you manage to get five of the symbols.

3 Symbols
4 Symbols
5 Symbols
deal or no deal 10
deal or no deal j
deal or no deal q
deal or no deal k
deal or no deal a
deal or no deal button
deal or no deal briefcase
deal or no deal woman
deal or no deal banker

Deal or No Deal Slot Paylines

Here's a guide to all the paylines on offer in Deal or No Deal:

Deal or No Deal- Slot
Every winning line in Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal Slot Features

Scatter Symbols

There are three bonus games within this slot. The main bonus game is triggered by three scatter symbols, meanwhile there are two other bonus games that are triggered randomly.

Deal or No Deal Slot Bonus Features

deal or no deal or no deal scatter bonus unlocked
Scatter Bonus unlocked
deal or no deal scatter bonus
Scatter Bonus
deal or no deal bankers offer
Banker's Offer

Scatter Bonus

Within the scatter-triggered bonus game you will be confronted with 26 briefcases. Choose one of them and begin to trade or stick with your chosen case throughout. After your choice has been selected, the bank takes away some briefcases and offers random amounts of cash in exchange for your case.

You can accept the bankers offer or keep swapping and/or eliminating the cases. Once there are only two cases left - you are left with the ultimate gamble - you can take the cash tempting from the bank, or trade your case for the remaining one, or open your case and get its contents.

The Player's Choice

This is one of the randomised bonuses, and to play it you will be greeted with three cases and are made to choose one of them. Once you have selected your chosen case you will win its contents. These cases never come empty, so every pick is a win! Once you select your chosen box, you will also be able to see what amounts were in the other two remaining cases.

The Banker's Offer

The other randomised bonus is the banker's offer. Within this bonus game you will be given five consecutive cases, to which you can either accept or decline - in order - which case you are going to pick. For instance, if you pick the first case you will be stuck with its contents however you will be able to see the following four offers you could have accepted. Possible winnings are a minimum 2x up to 20x your stake.

Our Verdict With three potential bonuses to be won, and two of them being completely random - Deal or No Deal will leave you pleasantly surprised. Additionally, you have a chance to win 500x if you manage to get all five symbols of the banker! Even the smaller bonus triggers have a payout of 8x-20x your stake, making this a (could be) very lucrative slot.

Deal or No Deal Slot RTP & Volatility


Variable RTP





Having medium volatility means you can grab both big wins during your casual session as will as big wins in your bonus rounds! The variable doesn't change on this game, meaning you can be assured if you play it on one operator, your chances won't go slimmer if you play this game with a different operator. Additionally, with a high RTP of 96.40, you won't want this RTP to be variable!

Our Verdict Medium volatility gives you the best of both worlds, and with a high RTP, it definitely makes the game sound a whole load more enticing!

Deal or No Deal Slot Graphics & Audio


The graphics resemble the British cult classic TV game show quite well, emphasising on the traditional black and gold element, with a red 'spin' buzzer to match the red boxes that are opened on the actual show. Additionally, you can faintly see three red boxes underneath the symbols - to honour the show that extra bit more.

Furthermore, the 3D symbols are visually appealing - albeit a bit basic - but other than that the aesthetics are generally done well on this slot.

deal or no deal base game
Base game spins
deal or no deal base win
Wins in the base game
deal or no deal bonus
Scatter Bonus in action
deal or no deal bonus win
Bonus winnings


Fans of the TV show will love the audio to this slot, as it is the actual theme tune! This audio really adds a key interactive and immersive element, to your play, that you would expect from a slot like this.

Our Verdict Even though the visuals are modern, they do appear slightly basic. However, the music matching the theme tune of the actual show really heightens the overall experience when playing this slot.

Deal or No Deal Slot on Mobile

The Deal or No Deal slot has been adapted for both smartphones and tablets. The design is pretty similar to that of the desktop version with just the positions of buttons, and some elements moved around to fit the device screen size.

Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal FAQs

What is the RTP for Deal or No Deal slot?

The RTP for this game is 96.40%.

How many paylines does Deal or No Deal slot have?

This slot has just 10 paylines on offer on which you can form winning combinations.

Who created Deal or No Deal slot?

The slot was developed by Gaming1.

What is the volatility of Deal or No Deal slot?

This slot sits in the medium volatility range.


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