Kingdom of the Titans Slot

Kingdom of the Titans Slot
Published Date · Feb. 3, 2020 · Last Updated · May 5, 2023
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Kingdom of the Titans Slot Review

Kingdom of the Titans Slot Overview

The Kingdom of the Titans online slot, by WMS,  is a game where you get to roll with the mythological Titans of years gone by, all from the safety of your own home and your device. An older game, yet not quite as old as the Titans themselves, this classic slot has great features, beautiful graphics and gives you a chance to either play for free or earn yourselves some serious dollar by betting real money with every spin on the reel. It’s a great addition to the online casino community.

If you’re looking at winning the big bucks, you’ll have to add more to your stake. The minimum stake you can bet is 0.30, the maximum is 150 – whilst we advise you make sure you can realistically afford the larger bets, they could be well worth it when the time comes to draw out your winnings.

The Wild Symbol and Scatter features are classic in online slots and here is no different. We’ll chat about what these are a little later, but they increase your chances of winning once more. Another feature, the Spinning Streak feature, gives you an excellent opportunity to win more while the Bonus Reel is in play continually. We’ll tell you more about that below, but for now, get excited about the Kingdom of the Titans slots.

Kingdom of the Titans Slot Details












Software Provider

WMS Gaming



Design and Layout

5 Reel Slots, Wild Symbol


Multiplier, Free Spins

While the bonus features on this game aren’t aplenty, there’s ample opportunity to win big. Increase your stake to increase your win, and coupled with the chances for great free spins and the Spinning Streak game, you may find yourself with the opportunity to match the wealth of the Titans yourself. While the animation is basic, you’ll find yourself enjoying your chance to spin with the strong and influential of yesteryear.


Nice Graphics

Retro Feel

Simple to Play


Quite an Old Game

How To Play Kingdom of the Titans Slot

This game is as simple as it sounds. Sign up online then start playing. Spin the reels using the start button in the bottom-centre of the game to start. You’ll be made aware of any winning combinations by the game automatically as they come, but it’s still worth keeping an eye out!

Kingdom of the Titans Slot Features

Spinning streak feature

As mentioned above, the main bonus feature here is the Spinning Streak feature. This feature, once the slot enters ‘Bonus Reel in Play’ mode, allows you to secure a winning combination for the next spin, and will continue to add additional new winning combinations to your screen until the mode ends. Meaning, potentially, by the end of the session, you could have secured a considerable measure of winning selections – and you’ll see the benefits reflected in your winning balance.

Wild and Scatter features

Alongside this great feature, you have the usual Wild Symbol and Scatter feature. The Wild Symbol is the Kingdom of the Titans logo. Be sure to look out for this symbol during spins. The Scatter feature, which is represented by a beautiful mountain top, offers the chance for up to 50 free spins.

Kingdom of the Titans Slot on Mobile

This online slot game is compatible with all mobile and tablet devices.

Kingdom of the Titans


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