Sizzling Eggs: Collect to Infinity Slot

Sizzling Eggs: Collect to Infinity Slot
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Published Date · May 31, 2023 · Last Updated · Feb. 20, 2024
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Sizzling Eggs: Collect to Infinity Slot Review

Sizzling Eggs: Collect to Infinity Slot Overview

When reading the title of this Wazdan release, we had high hopes for a long-awaited breakfast-themed slot. We could scarcely have been more off the mark. Far from sunny side up, this game looks like it hasn’t seen the sunshine in quite some time. Dark, gloomy, and slightly sinister is the order of the day, whilst the eggs of the game’s title belong to the famous mythological Phoenix.

Should you venture into this cavernous slots enclave, you will find a whole host of features residing within, including Jackpots, a Collector Egg system, and a rewarding Free Spins Bonus complete with Modifiers. Escape the nest in one piece and it may be you rising like a Phoenix with a 2,500x max win!

Sizzling Eggs: Collect to Infinity Slot Details











2,500 x

Software Provider




Design and Layout

Scatter Symbols Slots, 5 Reel Slots, Wild Symbol


Bonus Round, Free Spins

Another top-class production from Wazdan. Whilst the overall theme may be a little hard to pinpoint initially, the strong atmospherics and great graphics soon draw you into this Egg Dominion. Some players may find the Egg Collection system a little frustrating at times as those prizes spin out of view. However, patience is rewarded by the excellent retriggering bonus round, which brings solid win potential. Our favourite element of the game was the ability to select your own volatility rating – a feature which adds greatly to the replayability of an already excellent game.


Re-Triggering Free Spins Bonus

Adjustable Volatility Rating

Collector Eggs Feature


2,500x Max Win a Little Low

How To Play Sizzling Eggs: Collect to Infinity Slot

sizzling eggs base
Base game
sizzling eggs multiplier eggs
Multiplier eggs on the reels
Min Bet
Max Bet
Max Win (x stake)

Sizzling Eggs: Collect to Infinity Basic Rules

  • The core game cracks open on a 5x3 layout
  • There are five paylines on offer
  • Wins trigger by landing three or more connecting matching symbols on any of these paylines, beginning at reel one

Sizzling Eggs: Collect to Infinity Slot Paytable & Symbols

Here's a guide to all the symbols and payouts in Sizzling Eggs: Collect to Infinity:

3 Symbols
4 Symbols
5 Symbols
sizzling eggs symbol j
sizzling eggs symbol q
sizzling eggs symbol k
sizzling eggs symbol a
sizzling eggs symbol cherry
sizzling eggs symbol lemon
sizzling eggs symbol orange
sizzling eggs symbol 7

Stone-encrusted playing card values, J through to A, serve as the low-paying symbols and award 0.6x-1.2x for five-of-a-kind. Cherries and Mangoes are next up the pay ladder at 1.5x-2x for five, followed by the high-paying Oranges and 7’s, which will reward you with 20x and 50x for five-in-a-row.

Sizzling Eggs: Collect to Infinity Slot Paylines

Here's a guide to all the paylines available in Sizzling Eggs: Collect to Infinity:

Sizzling Eggs Slot
Every winning line in Sizzling Eggs

Sizzling Eggs: Collect to Infinity Slot Features

So far, so straightforward, but things are livened up considerably by Wilds and the Collector Egg Row.

Berry Wilds

May appear on any reel and will substitute for all standard symbols to help create winning ways.

Collector Egg Row

Located above the main set of reels is a special Collector Egg row. On every spin, each slot on this row will reveal either a blank or a gleaming Collector Egg. Each Collector Egg comes with a Countdown Value of between one and 10, indicating the number of spins it will remain locked in place above the reels.

Locked-in Collector Eggs will then collect all special symbols which land on their respective reel. Base game special symbols come in three types:

  • Cash Symbols: Contain a prize of 1x-10x the total bet.
  • Jackpot Symbols: Contain one of four Jackpots.
  • Mini: 20x the total bet.
  • Minor: 50x the total bet.
  • Major: 100x the total bet.
  • Mega: 200x the total bet.
  • Multiplier Symbols: Multiplies the total Collected Cash values for that reel by 2x-10x. However, you will only benefit from these collected prizes if they remain in place when the bonus round triggers. If the countdown on an Egg reaches zero before a bonus round is achieved, it will simply disappear from view, taking its prizes with it.

Sizzling Eggs: Collect to Infinity Slot Bonus Features

sizzling eggs free spins
Free spins explained
sizzling eggs free spins explained
Collector Eggs play a crucial role
sizzling eggs free spins prize
Collecting winnings

Bonus Rounds and Free Spins

Keep an eye out for the Golden Star Scatters, which may appear on any reel.

  • 3x Scatters = 10 free spins
  • 4x Scatters = 20 free spins
  • 5x Scatters = 30 free spins

Any Collector Eggs in play when the bonus round triggers carry over into the Free Spins Bonus, bringing their respective countdown values and prizes with them.

Free spins proceed in the same manner as the base game, with Collector Eggs collecting any Cash and Jackpot symbols which land on the relevant reels. However, the excitement levels are increased by the introduction of two Modifier Special Symbols:

  • Countdown Booster: Increases the value of the Countdown Value by three.
  • Collect to Infinity: Increases the Countdown Value to infinity, meaning the affected Egg will continue to collect prizes for the duration of the Free Spins Bonus.

During the Free Spins Bonus, whenever a Countdown reaches zero, the Egg will stop collecting prizes but will remain locked in place until the end of the round, along with all prizes it has collected up to that point. At the end of the free spins, you will be awarded the combined value of any standard line wins plus all prizes accumulated by the Collector Eggs above the reels.

With so much going on, you will likely wish to linger a little longer in the bonus round. Happily, you may be granted the chance to do just that, as landing three, four, or five Scatters during the round will top up your free spins tally by 10, 20, and 30 spins respectively.

Bonus Buy

If you can’t wait for those Scatters to land, a Bonus Buy option is available in certain jurisdictions. To select this option, click the shopping cart icon and choose one of the following:

  • Low: 10 free spins with one Collector Egg with a Countdown Value of five – Costs 50x Total Bet.
  • Standard: 10 free spins with two Collector Eggs, both with a Countdown Value of five – Costs 80x Total Bet.
  • High: 20 free spins with two Collector Eggs, one with a Countdown Value of five and the other an Infinite Egg – Costs 150x Total Bet.
  • Ultra: 20 free spins with two Infinite Eggs – Costs 300x Total Bet.
  • Extreme: 30 free spins with three Infinite Eggs – Costs 600x Total Bet.
  • This feature is unavailable to UK players.
Our Verdict: The sight of all those eggs disappearing during the base game can be a frustrating experience. However, it is well worth the wait when the bonus round does kick into gear, with the re-triggering capability and Modifier features ramping up the sense of anticipation and win potential.

Play Sizzling Eggs: Collect to Infinity Demo for Free

Fancy playing for free first before you commit to betting with real money at an online casino? Look no further than the Sizzling Eggs: Collect to Infinity slot demo! Treat online slot demos like your showcase of special features, offering a unique gaming experience not found in real money gaming. Slot demos give you the chance to learn the slot's rules and mechanics in a risk-free environment, giving yourself the best possible chance of making money when the time comes.

Sizzling Eggs: Collect to Infinity Slot RTP & Volatility

Variable RTP

The game comes with a fixed Return to Player (RTP) percentage of 96.14% - just above the industry-average RTP of 96%.

One of the most distinctive features of this slot – and many others in the Wazdan portfolio – is the ability to select your own volatility setting, with three options available:

  • Low: A smoother experience, with frequent lower-value wins.
  • Standard: A few more ups and downs but with a more balanced range of prizes.
  • High: Less frequent wins, but a better chance of a big payout.
Our Verdict: In terms of the RTP, anything above the industry average gets a thumbs up in our book. The adjustable volatility setting is a really nice touch, enabling you to tailor the game to fit your mood or gaming preferences. With the speed of the reels also adjustable via the Panther, Hare, and Tortoise options, this slot scores highly in terms of customisation.

Sizzling Eggs: Collect to Infinity Slot Graphics & Audio


This is a well-polished release when it comes to visual presentation. There isn’t much going on in the rocky backdrop, but everything is nicely detailed, and the shadow and gloom contrast nicely with the bright reel symbols. The decision to present the card values in varying shades of blue works nicely, helping the vibrant high-value and special symbols stand out from the crowd. The elusive Phoenix finally makes an appearance in an animation to accompany the bonus round - adding a dramatic element to the feature.

Sizzling Eggs Collect to Infinity (Wazdan) 2
Scatters on the reels
Sizzling Eggs Collect to Infinity (Wazdan) 3
Small win
Sizzling Eggs Collect to Infinity (Wazdan) 4
Bigger win


The slithering synths and ominous drumbeats of the soundtrack fit perfectly with the cold rocky backdrop - giving the strong impression that something unpleasant is lurking in the shadows. Much like the symbols themselves, the reel effects are much brighter, with the electro blasts and clinking coins adding some welcome light amidst the dark. If the soundtrack is not for you, the background music and reel effects can be adjusted via a tab below the reels to the left.

Our Verdict: When taken together, the audio and visuals do a great job of creating a foreboding atmosphere, resulting in a slightly tense slots experience. The choice of Fruits and Card Values doesn’t particularly fit the theme, but they are at least familiar and certainly don’t hurt the game.

Sizzling Eggs: Collect to Infinity Slot on Mobile

The game is fully optimised for mobile devices, meaning you will find all of the gameplay and features intact whether you are an Apple or Android user.

Sizzling Eggs

Sizzling Eggs: Collect to Infinity FAQs

How much can I win playing Sizzling Eggs: Collect to Infinity slot?

The game pays out up to 2,500x your stake

Are there free spins in Sizzling Eggs: Collect to Infinity slot?

Yes - the game's Free Spins Bonus gives you at least 10 free spins.

What is the RTP for Sizzling Eggs: Collect to Infinity slot?


How volatile is Sizzling Eggs: Collect to Infinity slot?

The game has an adjustable volatility, ranging between low, medium and high.


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