Spinfinity Man Slot

Spinfinity Man Slot
Published Date · June 1, 2020 · Last Updated · Feb. 21, 2024
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Spinfinity Man Slot Review

Spinfinity Man Slot Overview

Crime is a major problem on the streets of Metropolis, but Spinfinity Man is here to save the day. Spinning the reels of the Spinfinity Man slot gives you the chance to join forces with the superhero. You simply need to get some cluster wins to help Spinfinity Man as he uses his superpowers to take down his nemesis Mr X. This casino game from Betsoft really is as much fun to play as it sounds.

Basic game information

You play the Spinfinity Man video slot on a 7×7 grid. You can win big by forming clusters of symbols. When a cluster forms, the symbols disintegrate, and more symbols fall into the grid. The game is a fun take on the superhero theme which has become so popular in online casinos. By spinning the reels, you get to be a superhero sidekick just like you have dreamt about.

Spinfinity Man Slot Details


Collapsing Reels










Software Provider

Betsoft Gaming



Design and Layout

7 Reel Slots, Wild Symbol


Bonus Round, Multiplier, Free Spins

The visuals of this slot are crisp and clear. The overall look also immerses you in the theme, as does the soundtrack. The gameplay is entertaining, and there are plenty of opportunities for you to get some big wins.


Original Theme

Amazing Soundtrack

Incredible Visuals

Entertaining Gameplay


Unknown Paylines

Low Betting Range

How To Play Spinfinity Man Slot

Before you join Spinfinity Man in his adventures, you need to set your bet. You can do this by using the quick bet panel +/-. Once you are ready to start, you should press the button to spin the reels. If you do not want to press spin every time, you can use the autoplay feature instead.

Spinfinity Man Slot Features

The base game of Spinfinity Man is entertaining in itself. However, there is also bonus play to enjoy that adds to this.

Super Wild

The super wild in this game substitutes for all other symbols except Spinfinity Man and Mr X. This helps you to get large clusters of symbols that lead to bigger wins.

Super Power Combos

Just like all the best superheroes, Spinfinity Man has impressive superpowers. These powers are revealed when Spinfinity Man appears on the reels.

  • Laser Eye Beam burns away two rows or two columns.
  • Double Laser Eye Beam burns away two columns and two rows.
  • Icy Blast destroys a small cluster of symbols.
  • Double Icy Blast destroys a large cluster of symbols.

Fan Girl Feature

Spinfinity has a big fan who loves to watch him. As you explode clusters, she gets excited. Once you have destroyed six clusters or more, the Fan Girl feature triggers and a random number of symbols explode, giving you instant wins.

Catch Mr X

If Mr X appears on the reels, he starts the Villain Trail. As he advances the trail, he allows additional symbols to drop. If you complete the Villain Trail and catch up with Mr X, you activate free spins.

Mr X. Free Spins

There are ten free spins for you to enjoy. During the free spins, Spinfinity Man symbols become Mr X symbols, and they unleash super combos like Laser Arm Cannon, Destruction Bomb and the X-Ray. Every time a Mr X symbol appears during the free spins, it adds an extra free spin.

Gamble feature

Every time you achieve a win playing the Spinfinity Man slot, you can choose to gamble. You simply need to guess whether a coin will land on heads or tails when it’s flipped. Be careful because if you lose the toss, you lose your winnings.

Play Spinfinity Man Demo for Free

If you’re interested, you can play the Spinfinity Man slot demo for free before you start playing with real money! Treat online slot demos like your showcase of special features, offering a unique gaming experience in free play which you won’t find in real money gaming. Slot demos give you the chance to learn the slot's rules and mechanics in a risk-free environment, giving yourself the best possible chance of making money when the time comes.

Spinfinity Man Slot on Mobile

If you want to keep helping Spinfinity Man while you are out and about, you can. The Spinfinity Man slot is compatible with mobile devices. So, you can spin the reels using a smartphone or tablet.

Spinfinity Man


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