7-Reel Online Slots

Best slot games with 7 reels

Whilst most online slots are classic 3-reel or 5-reel slot games, 7-reel slots have been newly launched and are becoming numerous. Find out here how and where to play seven reel slot games here.

New 7 Reel Slot Machines

How does a 7 Reel Slot Machine Work?

7 reel slots function in the same manner as all other online slots do. The only difference is there is an additional reel on the game.

Having the seventh slot in place also means more ways to win, as there will be additional pay lines. We think seven reel games will be primarily low to medium variance slots with all the extra game symbols. It is far likelier for players to hit 2 or 3 winning symbols on a 7 reels slot, given the number of game symbols in play.

That will appeal to players who enjoy getting wins on spins often. At present, there are not a lot of 7 reel slots available. They are newcomers to online casinos, but we expect to see them more soon.

That does not mean they are not popular games. On the contrary, given that various cultures and players associate the number 7 with luck, there will always be those who will enjoy playing 7 reel slot games.