StacKing Kong Slot

StacKing Kong Slot
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Published Date · Jan. 31, 2024 · Last Updated · Feb. 21, 2024
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StacKing Kong Slot Review

StacKing Kong Slot Overview

Aah, King Kong. Hollywood’s most famous oversized ape. You have most likely seen him in the movies or on his previous rampages through the slot-o-sphere. However, you probably haven’t played a game quite like this one. Out go the traditional reels, rows, and paylines, and in comes an ever-ascending tower of Tetris-style blocks, which the glorious guerrilla just loves to climb. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to help our hero ascend to the top of the tower. Reach the summit, and you and Kong may be beating your chest to celebrate a 1,000x max win!

StacKing Kong Slot Details


Blockchain System









1,000 x

Software Provider




Design and Layout

5 Reel Slots


Rogue clearly set out to provide something different from your usual 5x3 or Megaways release. They have certainly achieved that. The gameplay on offer is nothing if not distinctive, but whether it will suit all tastes, we aren’t so sure. The BlockChain pay system is intriguing at first and provides an interesting “Deal or No Deal” style decision process, but overall, there wasn’t enough going on to maintain our interest. You should also be aware of how quickly the price of additional blocks can escalate – making this game far more volatile than it says on the tin. Love or hate the mechanics, it's hard to be too critical of a developer for trying something new, and the graphics and soundtrack are excellent. However, further negatives appear in the subpar RTP and low max win. For us, this didn’t quite hit the spot.


Unique Style

Great Graphics

Simple to Play


No Bonus Round

Below Average RTP

How To Play StacKing Kong Slot

stacking kong base
Base game
stacking kong climbing
Kong climbs with Blockchain blocks
Min Bet
Max Bet
Max Win (x stake)

StacKing Kong Basic Rules

For those wondering about the Blockchain system in play, it has nothing to do with convoluted cryptocurrency systems (thank God for that) but refers to the chains of Blocks which Kong must climb to pick up wins.

  • The game begins with a slightly frustrated-looking King Kong waiting impatiently between two tower blocks, looking very much like he wants to do some climbing - which is where you come in
  • Each time you click play, nine Tetris-style blocks will fall into the gap between the two towers, stacking on top of each other where possible
  • Springing into life, Kong will climb up these blocks as far as he can.

StacKing Kong Slot Features

Prize Ladder

A prize ladder sits on the right-hand side of your towery creation. The lower levels feature only empty Red Triangles pointing upwards, but climb high enough, and you will reach levels featuring an ascending list of prizes, ranging from 1x to 1000x at the top, intermixed with Bonus Levels which award additional Block Drops.

Following your initial nine-block drop, you then have four options:

  • Take win (if available) or end game if no win is achieved
  • Buy one more Block
  • Buy two more Blocks
  • Buy three more Blocks

This process repeats after every block purchase. The higher you climb, the more expensive the additional blocks become. Do you go for more, bearing in mind that extra blocks aren’t certain to take you higher, or keep what you have won? The choice is yours.

Reaching the top will guarantee you a return of 1000x your total bet, but you may need to spend a lot more than that to get there. A tally in the bottom left of the screen tracks your total spend for each game.

Play StacKing Kong Demo for Free

Take the opportunity to try out the StacKing Kong slot demo for free first without staking real money. Use mobile-compatible online slot demos as your mobile gaming solution, offering a satisfying free play gaming experience at your fingertips. Treat online slot demos as your gateway to unseen features and content, providing a unique gaming adventure which prepares you for real money gaming.

StacKing Kong Slot RTP & Volatility

Variable RTP

The fixed return to player of 95% is a percentage point below the industry average RTP of 96%.

StacKing Kong is listed as a medium-volatility release. Games of this rating provide a middle ground between the smooth experience of low volatility and a high volatility rollercoaster ride.

Our Verdict With 96% representing the benchmark, a fixed RTP of 95% has to go down as slightly disappointing. The lack of explosive features or a bonus round suggests a low volatility experience. Don't be fooled, as the urge to keep purchasing more blocks can prove hard to resist, meaning each game may cost considerably more than the initial outlay.

StacKing Kong Slot Graphics & Audio


Rogue has done a nice job with the game visuals, which recall a comic book or classic 90s-era cartoon. Kong is wonderfully animated and brings plenty of swagger and menace to the screen. The backdrop also works a treat, with the whizzing traffic and smoky drains lending a satisfying dynamic element to the setting. The coloured blocks paving the way to glory come in a gritty rocky form, which suits Kong down to the ground.

Stacking Kong (Rogue) Slot 1
The game begins
Stacking Kong (Rogue) Slot 2
Kong ascends the tower
Stacking Kong (Rogue) Slot 3
You have the chance to collect existing blocks or buy new ones
Stacking Kong (Rogue) Slot 4
Police search for Kong


The epic soundtrack leans heavily into the iconic final scene of the movie, as the ill-fated Kong tackles the Empire State Building. Cinematic strings swoon and march, whilst incessant sirens in the background suggest the local law enforcement are at least aware that an enormous red ape is running amok in their city.

Our Verdict Nothing to fault with the audio or visuals. From the impressive intro sequence to the cute animations and intense voiceover effects, everything does a great job of drawing you into the theme.

StacKing Kong Slot on Mobile

Rogue has ensured that the monkey madness is available to desktop players and mobile slot fans. StacKing Kong performs smoothly on Android, iOS, and Windows-powered devices.

Stacking Kong

StacKing Kong FAQs

Who made Stacking Kong slot?

The slot was developed by Rogue.

Can I play Stacking Kong slot on mobile?

Yes - the slot is fully optimised for all iOS and Android devices.

What is the RTP for Stacking Kong slot?


Can I win real money playing Stacking Kong slot?

Yes - if you register with an online casino that carries the title, you can stake real money while you play.


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