24+8 Roulette Strategy

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24+8 Roulette Strategy

As a roulette player, you will no doubt be on the lookout for some cast iron roulette strategies that can help to make you money. Well, no strategy offers a 100% chance of working, but with the 24+8 strategy, you will at least enjoy a longer session. It offers a 90% chance of not losing on every coup. Of course, bad luck can strike and you hit that 10% chance of losing, but that is roulette after all.

The 24+8 roulette strategy is brilliant for smaller bankrolls and is a good option for those that prefer to grind away at the tables. Why go for a heavy risk strategy that could cause a session lasting just a few minutes?

What is the 24 + 8 Roulette Strategy?

The 24 + 8 is a slow grinding type of roulette strategy that gives you around a 90% chance of winning. That obviously depends on the type of roulette table you play at. On European Roulette tables (Single Green 0), you have a 91.89% chance of winning or push. On American tables, that is reduced to 89.47%. That means there is just an 8.11% or 10.53% chance to lose.

Why it is known as a grinding type strategy is because you need to win 5 times to recoup your original stake. Once you do, all subsequent wins are profit. If you lose before you win 5 times, you are down. Your option at that point is to continue grinding, hoping to win back your losses or to Martingale the system (double your stakes) to try to reclaim them quicker.

How to Play Roulette Using 24 + 8 Roulette Strategy?

This system essentially has just three or four (depending on the roulette tables you play) ways to lose as you cover all other numbers. You place 10 units on each of the 1st and 3rd outside dozen bets. You also place 10 single 1 unit bets on any ten numbers within the 2nd dozen. That leaves just two losing numbers and the Green 0 on European roulette tables. On American tables, you also have the Double 00 that results in a loss.

When the two dozen bets hit, it is a push. You do not win and you do not lose. You recoup exactly what you bet. However, if one of the straight up bets comes in, you win 6 units. So, you would need to win 5 times (5×6 = 30) to cover your initial stake. However, with around 90% chance of not losing, that is easier than you think. You could, of course, walk away after 2 or 3 wins of 6 units as you still have your original stake.

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Does 24 + 8 Strategy Work for Roulette?

As with any roulette strategy, this system works if you win. You have a high chance of not losing, but it is possible to strike out early and lose your stake. It is one of the lower-risk roulette strategies and does ensure that you stay at the tables for longer (as long as you do not lose). You will find that you will push quite a lot, but pushing is better than losing.

Experienced players that use this system and lose than just apply the Martingale logic by doubling up their original stake. They would do this until they have recouped their losses before returning to that original stake.

Is the 24 + 8 System Allowed/Legal in Casinos?

You can use any roulette betting system when playing at online or brick-and-mortar casinos. This is not a cheat or a guaranteed way to win. The key is to avoid losing, which happens around 10% of the time. It is still possible to go on a losing streak, however. The odds still favour the casino; it is just that this system allows you to grind for longer than when using most other roulette strategies.

What Next?

All in all, this strategy is easy to implement and fairly low risk. In short, you risk 30 units losing 10% of the time. The gains are small when you win, but these do stack up during a winning session. If you lose, you always have the option of applying the Martingale strategy on top of the 24+8. This is a great strategy if you prefer to sit for longer sessions at a table and not lose too much too often. You will find that the result is a push most of the time, but that is better than losing.

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