24 + 8 Roulette Strategy

24 + 8 Roulette Strategy

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24 + 8 Roulette Strategy

As a roulette player, you will no doubt be on the lookout for some cast iron roulette strategies that can help you to win money on this classic casino game. While no strategy can guarantee a win, something like the 24 + 8 Roulette Strategy comes very close, as it offers a 90% chance of not losing on every spin.

The 24 + 8 Roulette Strategy is especially beneficial to players with smaller bankrolls as you can grind away at the tables and hopefully make a steady profit over the course of your gaming session. Why play higher risk when a strategy like this can deliver better, more consistent results?

What is the 24 + 8 Roulette Strategy?

The 24 + 8 Roulette Strategy is a slow, grinding type of roulette strategy that can support patient casino gameplay.

When playing the classic European Roulette game (single zero), you have a 86.49% chance of winning or getting a push on each spin.

When playing the American Roulette game (with two zeros), this figure is slightly reduced to 84.21%.

It is not considered one of the classic grinding strategies because you will need to hit one of those middle 10 numbers five times in order to recoup your original stake. Once you do this, all subsequent wins are profit.

The main risk with this strategy is hitting one of those blank numbers before those first five wins, because you will be playing catch-up from there.

If this does happen, you will then have two options:

  • Continue grinding in the hope to win back your losses over the course of your session
  • Martingale this system and double your stakes to try to reclaim them quicker

How to Play Roulette Using 24 + 8 Roulette Strategy?

The 24 + 8 Roulette Strategy is one of the more simple betting strategies out there - basically aiming to minimise your risk on every spin. Whichever version of the game you play, very few of the numbers on the wheel remain uncovered on each spin.

Step 1 - Place a stack of 10 betting chips on the first dozen (1-12) and the third dozen (25-36) outside bets. These bets pay out at odds of 2/1.

24 + 8 Roulette Strategy - Outside Bets

Step 2 - Place 10 single betting chips on 10 individual numbers in the second dozen (between 13 and 24). These bets pay out at odds of 35/1.

24 + 8 Roulette Strategy - Straight Up Bets

Step 3 - If you are playing European Roulette (as we are in the image below), you will have all numbers on the wheel covered, except for 0, 23 and 24.

24 + 8 Roulette Strategy - Winning Spin

Step 4 - Should the ball land on one of your single number bets in the middle dozen - like it has on 17 here - you will be paid out at odds of 35/1. This will make you a profit of six units.

24 + 8 Roulette Strategy - Winning Payout

Does 24 + 8 Strategy Work for Roulette?

As with any roulette strategy, the 24 + 8 Roulette Strategy will have its critics - but if you're looking for a steady roulette strategy that minimises your risks, there are few better.

While there is a possibility that you can strike out early and lose your stake - if the ball lands on the one of the uncovered numbers - this low-risk strategy should suit players looking for a grinder's approach.

The key to this strategy being successful is the ball landing on your chosen 10 numbers in that middle dozen, as that is where the profit lies. Should the ball land in either the first or last dozen, your bet will be considered a push. But hey, a push is always better than a loss!

Amount of Numbers

Win Probability











Advantages of the 24+8 Roulette Strategy

  • If you're patient you're in with a huge chance or either getting your money back or just winning on each spin
  • Every number on a roulette wheel has the probability of landing, meaning your odds are high
  • This strategy is one of the best strategies to minimise your losses, especially for low-stakes gamblers

Disadvantages of the 24+8 Roulette Strategy

  • With this strategy you will always finish with losses after numerous spins due to how much of the board is covered
  • This strategy comes with small wins in the short-term
  • When it's good it's good and when it's bad it's bad. If you lose once then it will take you a further five winning bets just to get back to where you started

Is the 24 + 8 System Allowed/Legal in Casinos?


Yes! You can utilise any classic roulette betting strategy when you play online roulette or at a brick-and-mortar casino. This can never be considered cheating as you are not guaranteed to win when using any particular betting strategy.

The key here is to avoid losing - which will only happen around 15% of the time, depending on the version of the game you are playing.

There is always a chance you can be very unlucky and see those low percentages snowball into a losing streak, but that's roulette!

Tips for Implementing the 24+8 Roulette Strategy

Bet Type




Even bets


One Number


Two Numbers


Three Numbers


Four Numbers


Five Numbers


Six Numbers


A Dozen Numbers


  • The 24+8 system covers 32 out of 37 numbers in roulette and comes with a 86.49% chance of winning a round
  • If your spin lands on the losing three numbers, double the size of your bet until you hit a winning spin
  • Stick your first two dozen on the first two columns on the felt
  • Place small bets!

What Next?

All in all, the 24 + 8 Roulette Strategy is easy to implement and fairly low risk - with the basic premise being that you are risking 30 units with a strategy that should only lose around 15% of the time.
The gains are small when you do win, but they can stack up over a longer, successful roulette session. If you lose in those first five spins, you always have the option of applying the Martingale Strategy on top and doubling your stakes to get back on track.

This is without doubt a grinding strategy, with the majority of spins expected to result in pushes. But if you are able to consistently hit those middle numbers with the straight up bets on them, there can be a decent level of profit to be made over the course of a gaming session.

Explore the best casinos for online roulette to try out this unique strategy.

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