The Andrucci Roulette Strategy

The Andrucci Roulette Strategy

Published Date · Nov. 11, 2021 · Last Updated · March 13, 2024 ·Read Time · 4 mins

The Andrucci roulette strategy is a mathematical attempt to characterise the performance of a given roulette table. The theory behind it is called Chaos Theory, and it states that highly chaotic outcomes, like where the ball lands, are still deterministic.

So while calculating where the ball will land on any given throw is impossible, much can be learned from the long-term behaviour. So what you’re effectively doing with the Andrucci roulette system is analysing how the wheel performs and then betting on the accuracy of your analysis.

What is Andrucci Roulette Strategy all about?

The most important thing here is to gather enough data about the way the table is performing. If you consider there are 35 roulette numbers on the table, you would reasonably expect that after 37 spins, they’d all come up.

This would happen with a theoretical table with no physical bias, but not necessarily in real life. It’s really important to note that we’re not talking about the table being rigging in any way.

We’re saying here that the Andrucci betting system allows you to account for the chaotic nature of the results. In other words: where the ball lands is not 100% random, even though it might look that way.


How do you Play Roulette with the Andrucci System?

With 35 numbers on the table and time not limitless, you’ll want to observe 37-40 spins and note down the results. This will give every square a fair chance to come up, and it’ll give you enough data to uncover any particular bias.

The best Andrucci strategy for roulette has you making single-number bets on the numbers that came up the most often. Of course, if you continue to do this for long enough, you will win on any given throw, but you will always lose in the long term.

So you need to make sure you cut from the table at the right time rather than chasing your past losses. Betting on the same number for 10-30 spins will give you plenty of chances to win big and will make sure you don’t bet on so long that you lose no matter what.

How does the Andrucci Strategy Work?

People have different feelings about the roulette strategy the Andrucci system advocates, most likely due to the success, they’ve experienced with it. The most important thing to note here is that you’re in no way claiming that the table you’re playing on is rigged.

Instead, you’re saying that you can start to dig a little deeper into how it’s performing with a simple statistical analysis. The science says that where the ball lands aren’t a pure chance, it’s just that the variables which dictate the result are very hard to characterise.

While this will work overtime on a real-world table, you can’t make the same assumptions about an online table. The ability to generate random numbers online is so much harder to characterise. With this in mind, you may want to save the Andrucci roulette strategy for real-world games.

Does the Andrucci System work in Real-world Roulette?

No system is perfect, but if you deploy this one the right way and leave at the right time, you stand an improved chance of winning. The main problem with it is that while it gives you an indication of the most likely number to come up, this can, of course, change throughout the spins you play.

Just because you’re attempting to uncover the variables at play doesn’t mean you’ll be able to do it. There’s still an element of chance here, which is why making sure you don’t chase losses is the key to enjoying the strategy.

Can casinos, apps, and betting sites block you from using the Andrucci System?

Any casino or app will welcome the Andrucci betting strategy, roulette players like to use it for no other reason than they don’t think it will win in the long run. It’s a perfectly legal and fair strategy and one that certainly tempts players to play those few extra spins that casinos always aim for.

If you can make the strategy work for you, you’ll have found a fair and honest way to start tipping the odds in your favour.


Using the Andrucci betting system is all about making sure you understand that there are variables at play that you can’t fully see. By seeing which numbers come up most often, you can get an idea about what’s happening, but it won’t be guaranteed.

Don’t bet for too long otherwise, the house will always win, just like it does with every type of roulette strategy you’ll read about. Deploy the strategy, don’t chase your losses, and get out at the right time.

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