Hollandish Roulette System

Hollandish Roulette System

Published Date · Sept. 19, 2022 · Last Updated · March 13, 2024 ·Read Time · 3 mins

What is Hollandish Roulette Strategy?

The Hollandish roulette strategy is a negative progression betting system created for use with roulette casino games. Negative progression systems ask players to increase their stake value after a losing round. This is an approach that is used in more well-known strategies like the Martingale and Labouchere systems. However, the Hollandish roulette system provides lower risk than those methods which are much more aggressive. The Hollandish method aims to calm things down by looking at an overall roulette betting session as several smaller sessions of three spins. It assesses the success of each round of three and advises on the stake for your next three bets.

How to Play Roulette Using Hollandish Strategy?

The main principles of the system are: only bet on outcomes with odds that are even, increase your bet after a loss, and reset the cycle after a win. In this system, the increase on your bet is two units and before you can begin, you need to work out how much one bet unit is going to be worth. Remember, after three losses, you are using five units of stake, so you will have to consider this fact along with your budget when deciding a unit value. Once you have settled on these choices, you can get started.

Here is Hollandish roulette strategy explained step by step. (For the example, one bet unit is £1):

  1. Stake £1 on an evens outcome three times.
  2. If you win two or three of these bets then start another set of three bets with the same stake. If you lose increase your stake to £3 and bet on three even outcome bets.
  3. If, after the second round of three, you are still at a loss increase the stake to £5 for another round of three bets.
  4. Continue like this until your bankroll is in profit.
  5. Once in profit reset the cycle and start with a new round of three bets with a £1 stake.

Does Hollandish Strategy Work for Roulette?

The Hollandish roulette system will not affect the odds or house edge but will look to reduce the negative effects of losing your whole budget. The method of doubling down after a loss is an attempt to recuperate losses. Compared to other forms of negative progressive roulette strategy, Hollandish system is much less aggressive, but that also means it is a grind and can take a long time to return significant profits. This could be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on the following streak or even on your gambling outlook. The Hollandish roulette strategy is manageable for veterans and newcomers to roulette or just this particular system. This system only requires you to keep track of your stack and whether or not you won ⅔ bets in a round. The best Hollandish sequence use is for protecting your bankroll because you are only working with your losses out of rounds of three. When you achieve a positive outcome from three bets, you revert back to your original bet amount. This reduces the chance of getting caught up in a losing streak, but overall the system encourages chasing your losses, so always manage your bankroll and set a limit.

Is the Hollandish System Allowed/Legal in Casinos?

Hollandish betting strategy roulette is permissible in both physical and online casinos. Casinos allow people to use betting systems online and at their locations because they don’t do anything to affect the house edge. They are instead a tool that players can use to manage their losses from the variance and RTP of a casino game. It can be adapted and is accepted for use with several other casino games like craps and baccarat.


What Next?

The Hollandish roulette system is a negative progression system of betting that is less aggressive than others of this kind. As a result, it is much more of a grind than approaches like Martingale or Labouchere. It is nice and easy to pick up so perfect for all types of players and doesn’t require too much brain power to keep track of. This makes it great for longer sessions of roulette therefore, it can also easily be used by online players.

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