Column-betting System Roulette Strategy

Column-betting System Roulette Strategy

Published Date · Nov. 11, 2021 · Last Updated · March 13, 2024 ·Read Time · 3 mins

A beginners strategy in roulette is the column strategy. It’s a key approach beginners should learn fast to help beat the odds and turn them in their favour. However, with casinos offering a wide variety of advanced bets, it’s key to know the fundamentals before you start loading up on each spin.

To help you decide the ideal approach for your bank size and ability, we’re going to take a look at the basics of column betting roulette strategy. From there, you can make an informed decision on how you want to play and the strategies you want to employ.

What is the Column Betting Roulette Strategy?

The roulette table is split into 3 columns, each consisting of a dozen numbers. Column betting roulette systems involve betting on entire columns in one go, with odds fixed at 2 to 1. The idea here is to spread the risk by opting against picking a single digit on the table.

The return on any given spin will be lower than if you get lucky and pick the right number, but the risk is lower. This means that if you know what you’re doing, you’ll be able to win in the long run and start to run the table.


How can you learn to play Roulette with the Column Betting System?

The approach is simple and requires you to place your chips in the 2 to 1 section below the relevant column. If you do the maths, you’ll quickly see that you will always lose money if you bet even amounts on all 3 columns on every spin.

The idea is to spread the risk with weighted bets on one or more columns at any given time. You can place larger bets on one column while insuring against losing with smaller bets on the others. Thus, you can manage your risk while you won’t figure out which column will come up or if the ball will land on the green.

Does Column Betting work for Roulette?

The system works and the player’s ability to deploy it in the heat of the action. Rather than risking big on certain throws to attempt to rewrite past losses, the key is to stay methodical and consistent. If you play for the long term, you’ll be able to see your stakes gradually increase as you start to learn the subtle benefits of hedging dozens of bets, one after another. 

The key to mastering the column betting roulette strategy is to make sure you understand how losses build up over time. You can then see the impact hedging with a portion of past profits has on your loss profile. Ideal when you want to start thinking about the long-term success of this strategy. 

Can casinos kick you out, or apps block you for using Column Bets?

Column betting is common, widely accepted and perfectly legal. The roulette odds are always stacked in favour of the casino, which means they will win in the end. If you know how to deploy your strategy and don’t get greedy, you’ll be able to walk away with a profit you can be proud of.

The important thing here is to make sure you quit at the right time because you can always play another day. Find a level you’re happy risking, enjoy it, and then walk away when it feels right. If you don’t get the system quite right and sit at the table chasing your losses, the chances are they’ll grow and grow.


The best column strategy for a beginner is one in which you bet small amounts on 1-2 columns. As you start to build a small stake of winnings, you can make weighted bets to insure yourself against losing the larger stake.

Take your time, build up gradually, and make sure you know when it’s the right time to walk away. Once you get all these things right, you’ll be having fun in no time at all. 

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Matthew Wojciow

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