The 666 Roulette Strategy

The 666 Roulette Strategy

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The name of the 666 roulette strategy is sure to jump out to those who know about the underworld, and for a good reason. For centuries roulette has been known as the Devil’s game, or variations of this name because the house always wins in the end. The key is to make sure you get out at the right time before the house can claw back your winnings. To help you stay ahead, the 666 roulette system is designed to be a form of spread betting that minimises risk in exchange for small, consistent profits.

What is the 666 Strategy in Roulette?

The numbers 0-36 on the wheel add up to 666, hence the name. The idea is that if you put small bets on every roulette number, you’ll only lose a very small amount on each wheel spin. But, of course, you don’t want to lose every go, even if it’s only a little, so you need to adjust your strategy. The best 666 sequence is one in which you make small bets on all but four numbers, making your chances of losing it approximately 10%. Every other bet is then a hedge because you’re betting small amounts on high odds, many times all at once.


What are the origins and theory behind the 666 system ?

The 666 strategy in roulette is named after the fact that the numbers on a roulette wheel add up to 666, often associated with the devil or seen as an unlucky number. It is not associated with any historical or mathematical origins, and is more of a popular culture reference due to the association with the number 666.

How do you use the 666 Strategy in a Game of Roulette?

The 666 strategy involves placing multiple bets to cover as many numbers as possible on the roulette table. The aim is to maximize the chances of winning with each spin, even though the payouts may be smaller.

Here's how you can implement the strategy:

  1. Place a chip each on 32 straight-up numbers. This means you will leave out only 5 numbers on the wheel, which maximizes your chances of hitting a winning number.
  2. Additionally, place a split bet on 19/22, a split bet on 20/23, and a straight-up bet on 26. This means you are placing 34 chips in total (32 on straight-up numbers, one on 19/22, and one on 20/23).
  3. Place a corner bet on 13/14/15/16 and another corner bet on 27/28/29/30. This will require 4 chips (2 on each corner).
  4. Finally, place a split bet on 0/3, a split bet on 12/15, and a straight-up bet on 32. This requires 4 chips (one on 0/3, one on 12/15, and two on 32).

In total, you will have placed 40 chips. The idea is that you will win on most spins, as you are covering 36 out of 37 numbers (in European roulette) or 36 out of 38 numbers (in American roulette). However, the winnings will usually only be small gains due to the nature of the bets placed.

How does the 666 Betting Strategy Work in Roulette?

The 666 roulette strategy is a version of a cover-all strategy that requires you to bet on virtually the whole wheel. The key thing to note here is that you’re only going to make small, consistent profits with small, consistent bets. It might be tempting to suddenly double or triple all your stakes after a couple of wins, but that’s not an effective strategy. One mistake like this can easily wipe out the results of 10 pragmatics goes all in one fell swoop. This is certainly not what you want to see when you want to get the most out of this strategy, but the temptation will always be there. Patience is a virtue that the best 666 strategy for roulette will reward, so make sure you stick to your plan until you’re ready to get up from the table for the night.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the 666 strategy?


  1. High Winning Probability: Since the 666 strategy covers 36 out of 37 numbers (in European roulette) or 36 out of 38 numbers (in American roulette), the probability of winning on each spin is very high.
  2. Simple to Implement: The 666 system does not require complex calculations or a steep learning curve. It involves placing specific bets on certain numbers and combinations, which can be easily remembered after a few practice rounds.
  3. Excitement: The strategy keeps the game exciting as you will most likely win on most spins. This can boost confidence and keep the momentum going.


  1. Small Payouts: Since you are covering a large portion of the table, the payouts will be smaller. The strategy aims for small, consistent wins, but this also means that the gains will be minimal.
  2. High Risk: You are placing a total of 40 chips each round, which means the losses can accumulate quickly if you hit one of the numbers that you did not cover.
  3. Not Suitable for Low Bankrolls: Players with a small bankroll may find it difficult to sustain this strategy as it requires a relatively high initial investment per spin.

Will the 666 Strategy Work in Real-world Roulette?

There’s no difference in the results you’ll get online, and in the real world with the 666 betting strategy roulette players like you deploy. It’s more a game of patience and consistency than anything else, which means it may not be ideal for higher risk players who like to up the ante. If you’re someone who likes to try and tip the odds subtly in your favour and make a profit at the margins, then this is for you. Just make sure you resist the urge to chase losses by doubling your stakes. All this does is undo your hard work and largely negate the risk management element of the strategy.

Tips for Implementing the 666 Strategy

Practice First: Before playing with real money, practice the 666 strategy in a free-play mode or with a small amount of money. This will help you get comfortable with the betting pattern and the pace of the game.

Bankroll Management: Since the 666 betting strategy involves placing up to 40 chips per spin, you need to have enough bankroll to withstand a series of losses. A good rule of thumb is to have at least 100 times the total bet amount. So, if you are placing dollar chips, a bankroll of $4,000 (40 x 100) is recommended.

Stay Disciplined: It is essential to stick to the plan and not get carried away by emotions. The 666 strategy is designed to provide small, consistent wins, so it’s important to stay disciplined and not chase losses or get overly excited by wins.

Be Aware of the Table Limits: Make sure the table limits allow for the 40 chip bets per spin required by the 666 method. Some tables have low maximum bet limits which may not be suitable for this strategy.

Play on a European Roulette Wheel: The European wheel has one less number (37 instead of 38), which slightly improves your chances of winning.

Can Casinos and Apps Ban the 666 strategy on their Tables?

The 666 strategy is perfectly legal and widely accepted. All in-person casinos and online apps will welcome it, particularly because they understand the temptation to suddenly double and triple stakes. If you can stay consistent with your bets and continually play in a measured way, you should be able to build a modest profit gradually. If in doubt, start playing with house credits on an online app to get an idea of how long it takes to build a profit from this risk-averse approach.

Conclusion : 666 roulette system is the perfect way to minimise your losses

The 666 roulette strategy is the perfect way to minimise your losses by spreading risk the smart way. It’s ideal for roulette beginners and players who don’t necessarily chase the thrill of big bets. On the other hand, if you’re happy playing the odds and tipping them in your favour gradually, the 666 strategy will be ideal. You can practice it online with free spins and see for yourself how effective it is relative to the amounts you feel comfortable betting.

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