The 3/2 Roulette Strategy

The 3/2 Roulette Strategy

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Published date · Nov. 9, 2021 | Last Updated · July 21, 2022 | Read Time: 4 mins

The 3/2 roulette strategy has fascinated players for years because of its ability to spread risk intelligently. While the house always wins in the end, the 3/2 roulette system is designed to allow smart, strategic players to get in and get out the right way.

To make it work for you, you need to know the basics. In this article, you’ll find the core principles of the 3/2 roulette strategy explained in plain English, so it’s quick and easy to follow. From there, you can put your new strategy into practice and start tipping the odds in your favour.

What is the 3/2 Strategy in Roulette?

The idea here is to perform a type of cover-all or spread bet. This is done to cover as many roulette numbers as possible without covering so many that you’re guaranteed to lose money on every spin.

You’re taking a slightly more aggressive approach than the 666 strategies while minimising your risk a lot more than single number betting. If you can play long enough to start winning and then exit at the right time, you can walk away with a well-earned profit.

Just make sure you avoid the temptation of upping your stake so that you can chase down and correct past losses. This is the trap many fall into, which is why the best 3/2 sequence is one that ends at the right time.


How can you Play Roulette with the 3/2?

You need to make 3 different types of bets here, all at the same time to get the right coverage. Start by betting on red or black to make sure you cover half the wheel in one go. Then you place 7 split bets between pairs of numbers on the colour you haven’t already bet on.

Last up; you place 3 small straight bets on 3 of the remaining 7 numbers. This means you have just 4 numbers left, and you leave those to make sure you can negate your losses. What you need to do is play a large number of spins with small, consistent betting if you’re going to win here.

How does the 3/2 Strategy Work on a Roulette Table?

As the name suggests, you use a 3/2 approach, which in this case refers to the distribution of your chips. Take 3 of them and place all of them on either red, black, even, or odd so you can cover half the wheel in one go. You then take the remaining 2 chips and bet them on 1 of the 3 columns. Of course, you won’t have quite had the coverage that you will with the 666 strategy, which makes the 3/2 roulette betting strategy a little more aggressive. It does give you plenty of risk minimisation, though, if that’s key to your approach.

Does the 3/2 Strategy Work in an In-person Casino?

There will be no difference in the results you get playing online or in person. The odds will distribute themselves the same way over multiple spins, which means the key is not where you play, but how long for.

The best 3/2 roulette strategy to use in an in-person casino is one based on small, steady, and consistent betting. You’ll also want to avoid the temptation of breaking the 3/2 distribution.

Going in big on your column of choice leaves you open to the hot hand mistake many roulette players make. Just because your numbers came up in the last couple of spins doesn’t mean they’re going to keep coming up.

Will Casinos and Apps Ban you if you use the 3/2 Strategy?

The 3/2 roulette strategy is a well-known and perfectly legal strategy to employ. You can use it in any in-person casino, as well as in all online casinos and apps.

The casinos will want you to keep playing long enough so that the odds start to tip in their favour, which is why you need to know the right time to leave the table. By practising with free spins and house tokens, you can manage your expectation levels.

This is important to get a clear idea of how much you’re likely to win and how quickly, with what is a conservative strategy.


When you want to use the 3/2 roulette system to profit, you need to be patient and consistent with your betting stakes. Chasing losing bets with larger deposits will only bring risk back into the picture.

On the other hand, when you adopt a conservative strategy like the 3/2, you need to have realistic expectations about how much you can win. If you have this, you’ll be able to have fun at the table.

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