What Is Volatility & RTP Of Slot Machines

What Is Volatility & RTP Of Slot Machines

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Why is RPT & Volatility Important When Choosing a Slot Machine?

Whether you’re playing classic slots or modern video slots, the mechanics are the same. All slots are based on luck. That is to say that every single spin of the reels is independent from all other spins. Every time you spin the reels, your chance to win is equal. All online slots use a random number generator. This is a piece of software that determines completely random outcomes for every spin of the reels. Thanks to this, no spins are affected by any others and any patterns that may occur in outcomes are purely coincidental. There are no casino slot machine secrets – these games are entirely down to luck. There’s no strategy that increases your chances of winning. If you win, it’s because you’ve been lucky. However, there are two important metrics that every player must grasp – which are the RTP and the volatility of slot machines.

While you can’t beat slot machines, you can be selective about the slots you play online. If you stick with online slot machines that have higher payout rates, this might be better on your budget. It’s worth pointing out, however, that even if you play a slot with a very high RTP, you can still have big losses.

Slots are some of the very best games to play at online casinos. When you play slots online, whether you win or not is all down to luck. These games are all about chance, so you have to have Lady Luck on your side if you’re going to win. But bear in mind that the RTP and volatility of slot machines are important to consider when selecting a game.

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What is RTP?

When you play slot machines online to win real money, picking the right slots to play can make a difference. Every slot has an RTP. This stands for ‘return to player’ and is a figure represented as a percentage. It shows how much of your bet, on average, you should be paid back by the slot over long term play. While you can’t improve your odds of winning, you can play slots that should, in theory, pay you back more money. Pretty much all online slot games have an RTP in the 90s; for most of them, it’s in the high 90s?

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What is Volatility?

Technically speaking, high volatility slot and high variance slot is the same thing. Volatility determines how risky a slot game is going to be. Most slots are either having a medium, high, and low volatility. Now, a slot with a low variance means that it is less risky. On the other hand, playing a high variance slot means that players are more likely to lose their bet.

That is what it might appear to be like on the outside, but when you take a close look into it, it goes deeper than you thought. If high volatility only means that you’re likely to lose all your bet, no one would want to play that type of slot.

You should also understand that the higher the risk, the higher the reward. So, even though you are more likely to lose your initial bet when you bet on a high volatility slot, you are also likely to win a sizeable amount.

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How To Determine Volatility Strategies That's Best for You?

Players have different tastes, and one player’s style of playing might be different from the other player. There are three types of player.

The first group we would be talking about are those with a kind of conservative bankroll. These group of players wants to play slots for as long as they can play by minimizing the risks and losses. They want to enjoy the entertaining factor of the slot games and not chase after the chance of a huge win.

A lower volatility slot is a hit mark for them. With low volatility slot, the risk is minimal, and it would help them sustain a healthy bankroll for the long term. An excellent example of a very low variance slot is Starburst from NetEnt.

Another group of players out there are the once who are focused on the thrills of the casino game. These group of players are willing to bet a big amount to get a significant win. They are called the high- rollers. With their large gambling budget, they seek a slot with high variance for an adrenaline rush of a big payout.

A perfect example of a high volatility game is the Book of Dead by Play’n GO.

And lastly, we have the middle group. These group of players are alright playing at a middle variance slot. A middle volatility slot offers players a little bit of both scenarios. So, if you are a player who prefers bigger wins than the low volatility slots, and more frequent that the high volatility slot, then this is perfect for you. There are lots of medium volatility slots; some examples include, Gonzo’s Quest by NetEnt, Wolf Hunters by Yggdrasil among others.



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