Slot Machines: Most Important Things To Know

Slot Machines: Most Important Things To Know

Published Date · Aug. 7, 2019 · Last Updated · Dec. 7, 2023 ·Read Time · 4 mins

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Slot machines are still a mystery to many gamblers. Mainly because they cannot see the inner workings of the slots like they do with casino games like roulette and blackjack. Because of this, many myths surrounding online casino slots have popped up including slot machines running cold and hot. Here are the 6 most important things to know about Slot machines:

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RTP (Return-to-Player) in Slots

The odds of winning at a slot machine is determined by the RTP (return to player). RTP represents the amount of money you stand to earn from your bets. For instance, a slot machine with a 95% RTP will give you back $0.95 for every dollar wagered. Though online slot RTP varies, the best online slots offer between 95% and 97%. It is significantly higher than what land-based casino slots offer since online slots have fewer overheads. Choosing the best RTP slots positions you to win huge rewards.

Reputation of Slot Machines

Reputation is most important at online slots. To thrive, every online casino needs to have a solid reputation among punters and industry experts. However, it’s up to you to determine how reputable an online casino is before you start playing its slots. Luckily, renowned online slots are easy to pick out from the positive reviews punters, and experts leave behind on various platforms.

Bonuses in Slot Games

The beauty of playing online is that there are many slot bonuses to take advantage from. Slot sites are continually offering a free spin bonus and match deposits to lure in new punters and retain existing clients.

The best online slots offer free spins to new players. This way, newbies can test the waters, learn the ropes and improve their chances of winning without spending a fortune during the learning curve. Mostly, playing online slots can be confusing and challenging. You need time to master the slots and formulate a winning strategy.

Casinos Banking

What’s the point of taking advantage of bonus features, free spins, high RTP, and working hard to meet the wager required if the casino doesn’t provide a means to withdraw winnings? It is an important consideration.

Before you participate at the table games or slots, you should read through the terms and conditions regarding payment options available. It will help you determine how easy or complicated it is to withdraw winnings. If the system supports few payment options, which aren’t supported in your country or are too cumbersome to use, you should play at a different casino.

Online Slot Restrictions

Though online gambling is international, online casinos are not. Different regions have gambling regulations that online sites need to comply with. Unfortunately, not all online sites meet the requirements. As such, depending on your location (notably the USA), you might be restricted from playing online slots. Before you indulge in the fun, you should check the list of prohibited or accepted countries.

Some casinos do not allow account creation from prohibited countries, but others do. Some smart punters use VPNs to bypass the restrictions. While this is a nifty trick, when the casino realises you are from a restricted location, they will strip your winnings from you. It, therefore, pays to play along with the rules.

Volatility Data

The slot volatility is used to refer to the level of risk associated with a specific slot. Experts use the term to describe how much and how often one should expect to win. The slots that have long dry spells with occasional big rewards are labelled high volatility slots. On the other hand, those that have shorter dry spells with smaller wins are labelled low volatility slots.

There’s no scientific formula followed in determining slot volatility. Every casino does its calculations and decides on the volatility based on the metrics. It means that it might be difficult for punters to know. However, you can work around this uncertainty by reading through punter experiences on reviews.

Volatile slots have a high risk. Because of the spaced-out payouts, you can spin slots for a long time without ever catching a break. But eventually, things might line up for you, and you win a big payout. As such, you should only play high volatility slots when you have a lot of cash and time to spare.

On the other end of the spectrum, less volatile slots games have lower risks. Though the payouts are small, they are a little more frequent, which means the slots aren’t dull.

Overall, volatility preference is a personal choice, which mostly depends on how much money a punter has to play.


Online slots are interactive games. They entertain and have potentially huge rewards. Although the slot choice will rely on personal preferences, the above facts can help guide you in choosing the best online slot.



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