What is a Progressive Jackpot ?

Last modified: June 2, 2021

Are you used to fixed jackpot and do you want to innovate a little? Progressive jackpots offer you the ability to spice things up when it comes to online casinos.

In fact, if you enjoy taking risks, progressive jackpot will be even more stimulating!

What does « progressive jackpot » cover?

The « progressive jackpot » term alludes to a jackpot that is common to several slot machines, and in which the amount fluctuates according to the different players’ bets. Then, the Jackpot is random since the amount to be won is itself determined by bets from several players. Hence, the more bets players are placing on slot machines, the bigger will the jackpot be. Given the unpredictability, progressive jackpot makes you play with pure luck.

Cultivate the art of luck:

The pot that’s providing for a progressive jackpot can fluctuate as a function of 3 essential factors:

* The number of machines that are interconnected: in fact, the more machines there are, the bigger will the progressive jackpot amount grow.

* The number of players placing bets on slot machines that are hosting the progressive jackpot

* The bet amounts players are placing

Different types of progressive jackpots:

There is not only one type of progressive jackpot. In fact, there exist autonomous or internal progressive jackpots, and some others that belong to an even larger network.

  • Autonomous progressive jackpots: these are the initial progressive jackpots, which were not hosted by several interconnected machines but only one. In reality, this type of progressive jackpot is fed by a percentage of each bet placed by all the different players playing one particular machine. This way, the jackpot is getting bigger and bigger with the bets accumulating, until a player wins it.
  • Local or internal progressive jackpots: these are jackpots that are hosted by several interconnected machines belonging to the same casino. The idea is the same but the jackpot is multiplied and grows bigger faster insofar as there are proportionally more bets taken into account.
  • Multi-sites progressive jackpots: Those progressive jackpots are supplied by diverse games in several interconnected casinos, which multiply the bets and therefore the jackpot balance.

For instance, the « Megapot » from Partouche Group was the pioneer of progressive jackpots anchored into a large network. Partouche Group, who owns several casinos, hence developed a network gathering several machines operating from these different casinos of the group. With such a national network, the number of interconnected slot machines is way more important. It is, therefore, possible to get progressive jackpots with more or less value, some of them reaching millions of pounds. And as you may think, it’s way more complex winning a « big » progressive jackpot. It still holds that this slot machine variant offers the advantage of an unlimited Jackpot getting bigger and bigger as more bets are placed and that can lead to you shooting for the stars.

How do we win a progressive jackpot?

First of all, winning the progressive jackpot means placing big bets!

In fact, no player will be able to bring the sought-after jackpot home, just by placing small bets.

It is then necessary to bet the maximum bet each time in order to trigger the jackpot while rolling the best combination of the slot machine. For example, at video poker, it will be revealing a Royal Straight Flush, or rolling the five best symbols at a slot machine, or even a blackjack (score 21) at a blackjack table.

Furthermore, you need to choose THE right machine to bet on! In fact, a good player never leaves the machine he started on.

To do this you need to calculate the bet/win ratio, by dividing the jackpot amount by the amount required for a basic bet at the machine.

The bigger the ratio, the more interesting is the machine.

However, in general, the payout rate for a slot machine with progressive jackpot is less than regular slot machines. In addition, the payout rate always differs whether you’re playing a certain model of the machine or another.

And to end up, the last thing to know about slot machines offering a progressive jackpot: it is an endless circle.

An endless circle:

In fact, such a jackpot system is never ending because it keeps on existing even if the jackpot is finally won. It resets and comes back to a relatively low amount, which gets back up as long as new bets are coming until it is won again.

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