Best Themed Online Slots

Slots classified by themes: pirate, Egyptian, Las Vegas

Whether online or land-based, slot games are known for having theme variety. In your average online casino, you’ll find slot games themed around mythical figures, TV and film, pop culture and celebrities. Check our list of themed online slots and where to play them.

What are Themed Slots?

Themed Slots follow a specific genre. From Ancient Egyptian-themed slots to cute kitten-themed slots. The theme of a slot game distinguishes it from its competitors. With so many different slot themes, from classic originals to ancient Greece, there’s sure to be an online slot that grabs your attention.

Online Slot game developers and providers continuously seek new game themes to present to players so that their slots align with the audience’s hobbies and interests. We’ve selected our top picks of themed slots across the online slot game spectrum. The most popular themed online slot games include movie-themed slots, animal-themed slots, and horror movie-themed slots. We have also found some top casinos to play them at as well!

A few of our Top Themed Slot Games UK