10x Rewind Slot

10x Rewind Slot
Published Date · Dec. 17, 2021 · Last Updated · Feb. 20, 2024
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10x Rewind Slot Review

10x Rewind Slot Overview

10x Rewind slot is a time-travelling-themed slot by 4ThePlayer. The slot uses depictions of various iconic eras from the past and future to create a truly unique slot experience.

There are 4096 ways to win a match or a bonus in this game. However, the game does have some big prizes up for grabs, with a max win potential of 20,000x. You can choose your bets between £0.1 and £20.

This slot's unique approach and a core aspect of gameplay is winning bonuses by replaying the slot. Practically, this means you'll have to rely on either the 4,096 ways to win or the Wild.

10x Rewind Slot Details











20,000 x

Software Provider




Design and Layout

Scatter Symbols Slots, 6 Reel Slots, Wild Symbol


Bonus Round, Multiplier, Free Spins

10x Rewind is slot with a unique time-travel theme that's gone so far as to design it's Bonus round's slot mechanics around it. Although a little confusing and first, the provider 4ThePlayer as really pulled them off. Unsurprisingly, the Rewind Win Spins Bonus round is the all-time great of this slot, but the Bonus round modifiers and the high max win potential of 20,000x are close contenders!


Unique Theme

Stunning Graphics

Nice Win Potential


Theme Not For Everyone

Unusual Gameplay Experience

How To Play 10x Rewind Slot

10x Rewind is a six-reel, four-row slot with an unusual and unique mechanic – rewinding time. In 10X Rewind, you can win up to 6x their original stake in each win.

However, thanks to the timey-wimey, wibbly-wobbly and crazy bonus round, you can potentially win up to 20,000x your original stake!

We'll get to the somewhat intricate bonus round later, but let's start with the basics.

To get started, you'll need to choose a stake size. The betting range is £0.10-£20.

In the base game, wins are awarded when you land enough matching symbols on adjacent reels. For the lower-paying symbols, this means three-of-a-kind or more, but for the premium symbols, two-of-a-kind is enough.

Depending on the number and type of symbols you match, you'll get a payout between 0.2x and 6x.

Wild Symbol

In 10x Rewind, the Wild symbol is the Pink-Haired Lady Time-traveller. She steps in to help you win combinations. The Wild symbol can help you win 4x to 6x for every spin.

Win Spins Scatter

Besides getting you to the bonus round, these don't serve any other function in the base game. Seeing them go past can be a good thing, though, as if you get to the bonus round shortly after, the time-travelling nature of your free spins will take advantage of them! Don't worry; we'll explain more in the Bonus section below.

10x Rewind Slot Features

To get to the Rewind Win Spins Bonus round, you'll have to land the Scatter symbol on reels 1, 3 and 6.

You'll then have to choose one of the triggered Scatters, revealing the number of free spins you've won – five, seven or 10 free spins in total.

This is where the time-travelling element, or confusion, can set in if you're not paying attention. You'll replay wins from the previous base game spins in the bonus round. Don't worry if you've had an exceptionally dry spell, as random wins will be automatically created to cover the gap.

For example, if you win five free spins, the game will rewind and repeat your last five spins.

Bonus Round Modifiers

It gets better – and a little more complicated! While you're in the Rewind Win Spins Bonus round, there are three additional modifiers.

These modifiers are triggered by landing a Scatter, awarding you either:

  • Extra Win Spins
  • Instant Cash Prizes
  • Increased Win Multiplier

These modifiers allow you to get some decent wins even if your previous spins did not include a win. You can also trigger multiple modifiers at the same time if you hit multiple Scatters.

One last thing worth noting about these modifiers is that the win multiplier has no upper limit and grows progressively. So if you're lucky, your wins will really start racking up!

Play 10x Rewind Demo for Free

Take the time to play the 10x Rewind slot demo for free first before you start betting with real money at an online casino! Embark on free play demo-exclusive adventures with online slot demos, where players can enjoy features not offered in real-money play. When you play for free you can take your time to learn how the game works, preparing you for real-money gaming as best as possible.

10x Rewind Slot RTP & Volatility

The RTP of the 10x Rewind slot is 96.74%. Although it is a high volatility slot, it also has a hit frequency of 25.64%.

10x Rewind Slot on Mobile

4ThePlayer has ensured this slot stands the test of time by making it fully mobile phone optimised.

As a result, you can play it on any device without compromising the user experience. This includes all Windows, iOS and Android devices.

You even have two choices when playing on mobile – Big Reel Portrait Mode or Classic. These options mostly affect the size of the reels and symbols and are easy to switch between, so take your time choosing your favourite one.

Graphics and Theme

A time-travelling theme in a slot game is certainly a novel one, and 4ThePlayer does a great job showcasing this.

The symbols in the game are little snippets of exciting or interesting parts of history, featuring dinosaurs, cowboys and astronauts and the background makes you feel you're going through a wormhole.

10x Rewind also has its own theme-tune-like song, which, although catchy, gets a bit repetitive.

Overall, the visuals are smooth and clean, helping to make the time-travel vibe feel authentic. We particularly love the effects in the Bonus round, which look like an old VHS tape being rewound.

10x Rewind


Matthew Wojciow

Content Writer

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