Gator Gold Deluxe Gigablox Slot

Gator Gold Deluxe Gigablox Slot
Published Date · Jan. 20, 2022 · Last Updated · Jan. 24, 2024
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Gator Gold Deluxe Gigablox Slot Review

Gator Gold Deluxe Gigablox Slot Overview

Gator Gold Deluxe Gigablox slot is the new and improved version of Gator Gold Gigablox, a popular base game launched and managed by Yggdrasil Gaming. Gator Gold Deluxe Gigablox is also managed by Yggdrasil Gaming and was launched in November 2021. Yggdrasil Gaming is a popular name in the slots and online gaming industry. Their characteristic next-level graphics have made Gator Gold Deluxe Gigablox an internationally favourite online slots game.

Gator Gold Deluxe Gigablox is, objectively, a better version of the previous game. The developers have given the symbols and the cards an update. In addition to that, the game has also received a few new bonuses and games.

Gator Gold Deluxe Gigablox now has a maximum win multiplier of 20,000x. The game has 6 x 4 reels and 4096 ways to win. The game has an RTP of 96%, even though this is a high volatility game. The game requires the players to place a minimum bet of £0.20. After that, the betting is capped at £60.

A unique feature in this game is called the “Upgrade”, which is available to players outside the UK. These players can purchase additional free spins by reducing their multiplier by 60x their stake. This feature yields between 5 and 30 spins!

Graphics and Theme

Gator Gold Deluxe Gigablox is a jungle-themed game, and as a result, you can see many animal-themed cards and bonuses. The game tried to maintain a jungle vibe through the background music as well. There are five notable animal cards in the game – gator, cheetah, buffalo, meerkat and zebra. As the name is “Gator” Gold Deluxe Gigablox slot, the gator card has the highest multiplier.

The game’s overall theme is well maintained by choosing a typical jungle as the background. In addition, players can see trees, loose hanging vines, etc., in the background that go a long way in creating the theme. A few animals and gators can also be seen in the background that further reinforce the idea behind the game.

The slots are seen on a brown rectangular box in the centre. The box is likened to that used by people usually living in the middle of a forest. Therefore, the four sides of the box have crude drawings similar to ones people hand-carve in wood.

Gator Gold Deluxe Gigablox Slot Details











20,000 x

Software Provider

Yggdrasil Gaming



Design and Layout

Scatter Symbols Slots, 6 Reel Slots, Wild Symbol


Bonus Round, Multiplier, Free Spins

Gator Gold Deluxe Gigablox is a gator and jungle-themed slots game. The game is compatible with all mobile and laptop devices and does not require any downloads or installation. Players can place a stake as low as £0.20 to start the game. Furthermore, because this is an upgraded version, the game has a unique feature for non-UK players. Gator Gold Deluxe Gigablox is a high volatility game that can yield 20,000x multipliers for players.


Lots Of Paylines

Nice Win Potential

Great Graphics


Gator Gold was a Great Slot Already!

How To Play Gator Gold Deluxe Gigablox Slot

To start the gameplay, place a bet between £0.20 and £60. After that, combinations need to be made to win slot bonuses. The gator card holds the highest multiplier, i.e. 6x the original stake, while the number card “9” holds the lowest multiplier 0.2x. The wild symbol holds no value but can be used to make combinations and increase multipliers.

The Gator Gold Deluxe Gigablox slot also has free spins that can be activated by getting 5 free spin cards on the board. This gives the player 1-3 free spins. This gives the players between 5 and 30 free spins. The multipliers and upgrades in free spins are more frequent and yield higher results.

Gator Gold Deluxe Gigablox Slot Features

Gator Gold Deluxe Gigablox offers 4096 paylines. The 6×4 reel is unique in that any two columns have two tiles larger in size instead of 8 smaller ones called Gigablox. All cards, including symbols and wilds, can land in the gigablox. However, they are always counted as 1×1 and not 2×2 as one would expect. The wild symbol holds no individual value but can help create combinations.

Animal symbols payout between 3.5x and 6x the player’s original stake. However, to win a free spin in the game, you need at least 5 free spin cards on the board. The combination awards 1-3 free spins. All combinations made during these free spins are 2x and 3x multipliers.

The upgrade symbol comes into play during these free spins. Collecting 3 free symbols gives the player 2 additional free spins.

Play Gator Gold Deluxe Gigablox Demo for Free

Want to play for free before you start staking real money? Why not try the Gator Gold Deluxe Gigablox slot demo! Unlock the secrets of successful real-money gameplay by studying the rules, paylines, symbols, and bonus features in online slots demos. Demos unveil the brilliance of online slot games, empowering you to select top-notch options for real-money gaming.

Gator Gold Deluxe Gigablox Slot Graphics & Audio


Gator Gold Deluxe Gigablox Slot on Mobile

Gator Gold Deluxe Gigablox is compatible with all devices, including desktops, mobile phones, tablets, etc. In addition, Gator Gold Deluxe Gigablox is an instant play slot game and therefore does not require users to download or install any application to resume or start gameplay. The only thing required is an account that can be created within seconds.

Gator Gold Deluxe Gigablox is also compatible with all Android and iOS versions. The game has excellent features that work well on all types of devices regardless of processors. However, for the best experience, high-speed internet is recommended.

Gator Gold Deluxe Gigablox


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