Lady Godiva Slot

Lady Godiva Slot
Published Date · Jan. 23, 2020 · Last Updated · May 5, 2023
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Lady Godiva Slot Review

Lady Godiva Slot Overview

Whilst today Lady Godiva is willingly portrayed across online and casino-based slot games, history regales an older tale, but one as equally steeped in generosity and giving as the modern slot game by Williams Interactive. Lady Godiva, part of the ruling elite during the Eleventh Century, is said to have negotiated with her ruling partner to lower the level of tax on her townspeople in exchange for taking part in a challenge – riding through the town naked.

Whether Godiva rode naked or not is up for debate, but what isn’t up for debate is the generosity of this slot. Sure, as far as some slots go, this one isn’t full of features – it’s surprisingly bare and straightforward to play, but what it doesn’t have in flashy features it makes up for in what you can earn as winnings.

All of the features you would expect are here, like Free Spins and a Wild Symbol, but go beyond this, and there’s not too much more. The beautiful digital graphics depicting Lady Godiva, her ruling partner and her horse relate to winnable options, while the other graphics include a Q (Queen), J (Jack), K (King) and A (Ace) – these stackable symbols mean you get a vast array of winning possibilities.

Lady Godiva Slot Details











400,000 x

Software Provider

Pragmatic Play



Design and Layout

5 Reel Slots, Wild Symbol


Bonus Round, Multiplier, Free Spins

In our opinion, the main benefits of this game are the sleek animation – with Lady Godiva and her long hair, and Leofric, the Earl of Mercia – and the sheer simplicity of the actual play. There are other slots available if you’re interested in sophisticated slots and additional features, but she beauty of this game comes with the ease of sitting indoors, turning on the screen and just playing. We think you’ll enjoy playing these Lady Godiva slots as much as we enjoyed talking about them.


Great graphics

Simple to Play

Nice Theme


Not Many Features

How To Play Lady Godiva Slot

Because of the lack of features, this game is remarkably simple to play. Once you’ve signed up with all of the usual details, click the spin button on-screen to begin your journey with Lady Godiva and her husband, Leofric. The symbols will spin across the screen, and as they land, you’ll automatically be told what you’ve won on the info bar across the bottom of the screen. Free spins and multipliers will come available as and when, and you will see your options on-screen in due course.

Lady Godiva Slot Features

As we mentioned above, unlike a lot of other games, Lady Godiva has minimum promotional features but does have the basics you’ve come to expect.

There are some free spins offers on this game, which varies between 5 and 30, depending on which you pick, with each number having a multiplier associated with it (the larger the number of free spins, the lower the multiplier and visa versa). For example, you may pick 30 free spins, but your multiplier will be considerably lower than if you select five free spins. That element of risk is still in this game, regardless of the lack of bonus features.

Play Lady Godiva Demo for Free

If you want to play for fun, try the Lady Godiva slot demo! Unleash endless gaming adventures with online slots demos, where a vast selection of games and themes awaits your discovery. Opt for demos to make the most of your time, exploring multiple games and honing your gaming skills efficiently.

Lady Godiva Slot on Mobile

The Lady Godiva slot has been adapted for both smartphones and tablets. The design is pretty similar to that of the desktop version with just the positions of buttons, and some elements moved around to fit the device screen size.

Lady Godiva


Matthew Wojciow

Content Writer

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