DraftKings Signs up Real NFL Players

DraftKings Signs up Real NFL Players

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Published date · Jan. 4, 2022 |
Last Updated · Dec. 14, 2022 | Read Time: 2 mins

DraftKings Signs up Real NFL Players to use in ‘Gamified NFT Collections’ Next Season

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have created a massive divide between people who view them as the future and people who view them as ridiculous. They’re growing at a rapid rate, and the NFL Players Association signed a deal with DraftKings for a “gamified NFT collaboration.” The product is scheduled to launch during the 2022-23 season.  


The NFLPA already signed partnerships to explore the NFT world. The major partnership at this point is with Dapper Labs for NFL All Day. These NFTs, often referred to as moments, feature videos of NFL plays. Of course, there will be more utility for these moments in the future.  Although details are few and far between, DraftKings seems to be somewhat following Dapper Labs’ model. DraftKings’ NFL NFTs are likely to allow customers or holders to utilize collectibles in various games against each other on DraftKings platforms. These collectibles are also said to have “separate buying and selling functionality.”

DraftKings’ NFTs will be powered by Polygon, and they are expected to be broken down into editions and tiers. These will determine scarcity and utility. 

DraftKings and the Blockchain

DraftKings is clearly focusing on the blockchain moving forward. Co-founder Jason Robins argued that DraftKings must be at the forefront of blockchain technology in the sports betting space. He added that Matt Kalish, Paul Liberman, and himself are continuing to learn about blockchain technology and that it is a must for the future of $DKNG and its shareholders, including them. 

Senior vice president of product operations for DraftKings Marketplace Beth Beiriger argued that very few companies possess the ability to intersect sports and the growing NFT market. She claims DraftKings is one of the companies, stating, that they’re a tech company. The partnership with the NFLPA will help them bring this new technology to the forefront of sports. 


At this point, many people tend to see NFTs as a gamble. There’s plenty of uncertainty surrounding them with the masses not truly understanding everything involving them and Web3. That gives DraftKings an edge with their audience, as their users are gamblers. Whether it be sports betting or daily fantasy sports, each user has to gamble their own money, and this could be seen as another form of gambling. 

DraftKings continues to work to be ahead on new technology. It could help the company take massive leaps forward in the future.