US Online Casino Market April Stats Breakdown

US Online Casino Market April Stats Breakdown

Published Date · June 6, 2022 · Last Updated · Dec. 14, 2022 ·Read Time · 4 mins

There is a three-way battle brewing in the US as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan have been vying to lay claim to the biggest online casino markets in the country. For a long time, New Jersey has remained the undisputed king, but in March, the Garden State lost that crown to Pennsylvania when PA beat the national record of monthly online gambling revenue in March. However, Michigan has also been closing in, with all three once again posting similar results for April 2022. Monthly revenues were flat for both PA and NJ in April, while MN saw improvements again. This means nobody should discount Michigan as a contender in a three-way battle to be the US online casino industry’s largest market. Below we break down the April revenues posted by each state.

Pennsylvania Online Gambling Revenues in April 2022

Having broken the national gaming revenue record in the United States for March, gaming revenue actually dropped in PA for April. In April, the Keystone State recorded revenues of $137,982,941 from its online poker rooms and online casinos. This was down 3.3% from the record-breaking $142,748,422 recorded in March. Despite that drop month on month, this was still an increase of 30.8% in the same month in 2021.

In terms of the online casinos within the state, it was Parx Casino that showed the biggest improvement. Increased betting on table games, video slots, and other casino games meant that the casino recorded an increase of 17% in revenues for the month. As a result, April actually became the second month in a row where Parx Casino had increased its online gaming revenue by double-digit percentages.

New Jersey Online Gambling Revenues in April 2022

New Jersey also broke records in March as the state broke the $140 million revenue milestone. However, revenue from adult gambling activities at the online casinos in April was down to $136,883,398. The positive is that as April is a shorter month, daily average revenue was actually up by 0.6%. Plus, revenues were just over a million below those recorded in Pennsylvania. Compared to April 2021, the month's revenue was 27% greater.

Borgata Casino holds the largest market share in the state, but the Golden Nugget, which had increased its monthly revenue by 3% reduced that gap to just 5%. Resorts Casino and Caesars Casino both saw their daily average revenues drop 2.4% and 5.5% respectively. The biggest mover was unsurprisingly the newest online casino in town, Bally’s, which increased its daily average revenues by a whopping 70%.

Michigan Online Gambling Revenues in April 2022

While New Jersey and Pennsylvania have been slugging out to be the undisputed top dog in the US online casino industry, Michigan has slowly but surely been closing the gap to both of them. It is now officially a three-way battle after wagering on this form of gambling once again increased in the state.

In fact, the $132,438,012 monthly revenue recorded in April 2022 was 3.9% up from March and a staggering 39.6% on the same month in 2021. As for the battle of the online casinos in Michigan, BetMGM once again reigned supreme. Its daily average revenue increased by 7.8% which resulted in a 37.8% market share. That puts it ahead of Caesar’s with 35.8%. 

Connecticut, West Virginia, and Delaware Bringing up the Rear

The three smaller states that allow online casino gambling will probably never challenge the three above, but each has seen its market revenues increase gradually over recent months.

Connecticut and its two online casinos brought impressive revenues of $45,394,974. However, it was a poor month for the three operators in West Virginia after average daily revenues dropped 2.9% to bring monthly revenues of $8,598,549. As for the most recent state to alter its mobile betting, online casino, and online sports betting laws to legalize online gambling, Delaware saw gross gaming revenues increase 26% month on month and 39.8% in the same month last year, to $1,221,890. 

Could the Three-Way Battle See the $150 Million Milestone Broken in 2022?

It is an interesting battle between New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, and after seeing the former two break $140 million recently, could we yet see one or more of these states go one step further in 2022? Now at the halfway point of the year, is it conceivable that these markets could see monthly revenues of $150 million in 2022? We would not bet against it, but while the focus seems to be on New Jersey and Pennsylvania, we feel that with the impressive continued growth of the Michigan market, this could be the surprise state to achieve it first.


Phoebe Greenwood

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