Why Pro Sports Bettors are Good at Fantasy Football

Why Pro Sports Bettors are Good at Fantasy Football

Published Date · Nov. 30, 2021 · Last Updated · Dec. 14, 2022 ·Read Time · 4 mins

Why Pro Sports Bettors are Good at Fantasy Football

There are many reasons why professional sports bettors would be good at fantasy football, but there is one main reason. This is because they both use the same kind of strategy as any other game strategy out today. Betting and fantasy football each uses statistics to predict the outcomes of matches and how players get on. The problem with most people who play fantasy football is that they ignore the data, injury lists and the draft, which leads to them doing badly every year.

What Exactly is Fantasy Football?

This is a game in which people assemble a fantasy team by getting a certain budget, picking players each week with the money, and competing against each other to see which team has the best team based on the points scored by the players in the fantasy team. For example, if you play in a 10 team league and your first choice player scores 200 points out of 500 and your second choice scores 100, those combined 300 points are added up for each team participating that week. At the end of football season, whoever wins the overall league will get all their initial money back and the leftover from the entries throughout the season.

How does this link to Sports Betting?

The biggest challenge most people have when starting out playing fantasy football is they don’t know what goes on behind in professional football and therefore pick players based on the name recognition of players they have seen on tv and media hype. People who place bets on sport know that these names are not necessarily the best choice for their teams because they can get injured, which will stop them from playing throughout the season. These people will also see that names alone cannot predict an outcome of a game between two teams; stats are the only way to try and predict these outcomes.

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What is Statistical Analysis?

Statistical analysis in fantasy football is like a crystal ball that shows people what they want to see. Players no longer have to rely on a gut feeling or a hunch when they can log into the fantasy football dashboard and see how many points certain players in particular positions are scoring each week, so they can try and determine which players they should be starting for the next match week. Of course, there are financial risks involved with every move that you make in fantasy football. Still, professional bettors who know historical data will use it to predict what could happen in the coming weeks to reach bigger payoffs, hopefully. 

Fantasy football does require more research than it does for betting, as there are more variables to consider, and you will have to research how 22 different players will do in certain matchups throughout the season. You will need to look at their stats from the previous season as well as the current campaign. You also need to investigate the team they are coming up against and what type of player each team will be without. Finally, if a player is out injured, you will need to find out how long he is out for and whether there is a chance he could feature in the upcoming game. 

Research is Vital

As we have previously said, betting doesn’t take as much research as fantasy football because you only have to bet on one bet on the line, which is for some money. However, in fantasy football, you can win real cash prizes depending on where you play at. Based on the previous results, you will still need some knowledge of how the team is getting on, who they’ve lost to and who they might lose to next. 

A key strategy in fantasy football is the draft. You won’t be able to win your league without a good draft, and that is where the league is lost for most people. Unfortunately, some will draft players that aren’t good or don’t follow them as the season progresses and end up trading them off for peanuts because they aren’t doing as well as first expected. Both betting and fantasy football are very stat heavy, which means that the winners are those who take the time to research their bets instead of throwing money at them expecting something to come back with more money than what they bet on in the first place. The only difference between betting on baseball, for example, and fantasy football is that you have to do more in-depth research, but your wagering amount would be a lot less. 

Both betting and fantasy football will ask you to research the injuries of certain players and how the two sides compare in terms of a head to head record. In the end, betting and fantasy football require research because no matter who you are facing, there will always be someone slightly better than you at it unless you are professional. Still, even those people do a massive amount of research into the games each week.

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Betting and fantasy football are such difficult games to get involved in at this stage as there is so much research that most people don’t have the time to do or simply don’t think are worthwhile. However, even if you’re a professional sports bettor, it is worthwhile to do some fantasy football research, as this can help educate you further on the teams you are betting on each week.


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