PhoebeJournalist at CasinoRange.comPublished DateJuly 7, 2022 | Last UpdatedJuly 11, 2022
Construction Starts On DraftKings Sportsbook At Wrigley Field

Construction Starts On DraftKings Sportsbook At Wrigley Field

What a fantastic time to be a Cubs fan! The Chicago Cubs are one of the US’s most well-known professional sports clubs. The club is now attempting to maximize its notoriety even more. Wrigley Field’s new DraftKings Sportsbook is officially under construction. Wrigley Field, one of the oldest ballparks in Major League Baseball, may not have a lot of flashy amenities, but that is about to change once Wrigley’s sportsbook opens in 2023. As well as this, the stadium will be the first in Illinois to have its own sportsbook. Like other stadiums around the nation, Wrigley Field is welcoming the expansion of gambling at the ideal moment.

There is so much to offer with the new expansion. The DraftKings Sportsbook for the arena is being built to have around 1,000 betting spaces when it opens. As well as this, a 2,000-square foot tv screen will show results, odds, and statistics. So whether you are simply a cubs fan or an avid sports bettor, there is something for everyone as the MLB season will be covered over the course of the year by the sportsbook. There are also a few unique elements that DraftKings are implementing to attract fans.  One is a standing betting counter along with kiosks for those who prefer to avoid queues. 

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