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New York, also known as The Empire State, Big Apple, and the city that never sleeps. With millions of tourists flocking to the city each year, it is no surprise that it is one of the most populated cities in the world. However, in recent years there has been confusion in what you are able to bet on, especially with sports betting. Although the neighboring state, New Jersey, has been a bettors paradise for years with the approval of casino gambling in Atlantic City passing in 1976.

Since Congress established the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in 1992, there have been many constraints on sports-based betting in the United States. Until this law was abolished, sports betting was illegal in almost every state in the US. In addition, sports betting laws are sometimes difficult for players to understand because each state has its own set of guidelines. Thanks to Senator Joseph Addabbo, starting in January 2022, Sportsbook Operators are now open for Legal Online wagering in New York State.

The law governing New York internet gambling is continually evolving, with 2022 being one of the most exciting years yet for the state! This article is certainly worth a read if you partake in playing the lottery, take part in sports betting, or play casino games.

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Online Casino in New York

Online casinos are not yet permitted in New York State. However, several New York casinos do provide internet gaming through social casinos. Social casinos are completely legal in New York and provide table games and slot machines similar to those found in a conventional casino. With the expansion of gaming and gambling in that state, we can expect it will soon be legal here too.

Sports Betting in New York

Online sportsbooks are now legal to use in this state. In 2013, New York authorized sports betting at its commercial casinos. The first in-person sportsbooks opened in July 2019, over a year after the government prohibition on sports betting was lifted. New Yorkers may now gamble on athletic events from the comfort of their own homes or from anyplace else. The state Gaming Commission has now approved four online betting companies to begin accepting bets in January 2022, making New York the 18th state to allow some sort of online sports wagering. As a result, both online and in-person sports betting are now allowed in New York! 

Final Thoughts

The gaming market in New York is one of the few in the United States that is seeing consistent growth, increase in income, and unique innovation. In addition, sports betting accounts for a sizable component of internet betting in the United States, and most bets are currently placed online. As a result, legalizing online sports betting in New York might result in greater income for the state. This might be a great step for the state of New York, which, with its flourishing tourism economy, could see a significant increase in revenue from the introduction of sports betting alone.

It should be noted that regulations are always subject to change. As a result, it is critical to verify with your state’s regulations on what you are permitted to gamble on in your specific region.


Is New York Online Gambling legal?

Online sports betting in New York state is permitted and legal; however, online casino gaming is not legal yet. You can even bet on College Sports (if the College team isn’t based in NY State)

Are there Land-based Casinos in New York?

There are four commercial casinos in the state and numerous casinos run by Native American tribes.

Will I be able to Gamble in New York on my Tablet or Phone?

For online casinos you can’t. However, you can use one of the Legal Sports Betting Apps that allows Mobile Wagering. You can now place your bet from your tablet or phone in one of the Legal Online Sports Betting Apps

Are New York Online Casinos Legal?

No, online casinos are not currently legal in New York state.

What is the Legal age to Gamble in New York?

The legal gambling age for both online and in-person gaming in New York is 18 years old. However, several establishments have raised their age to 21 in order to offer alcohol.

What Can I Gamble on in New York?

In the state of New York, the following gambling activities are legal: in-person casino games, online sports betting (including esports), Fantasy Leagues, online and in-person horse racing, the lottery, bingo, and charitable gaming (raffles and bingos for charity). 

However, the following are still illegal in New York state: online casino games, online poker, and social gambling as the state of New York has some of the most stringent anti-private gaming legislation in the country.      

Can I Play with a Real Live Dealer in New York?

Yes, you can play with live dealers at the land-based casinos.