Live Blackjack: Do Dealers Have An Advantage?

Live Blackjack: Do Dealers Have An Advantage?

Published Date · July 31, 2019 · Last Updated · July 20, 2022 ·Read Time · 3 mins


One of the questions that people often ask is this – is live dealer blackjack rigged? Well, it is not as long as you play it at trusted casinos that are licensed and regulated.

However, many people also think that online casino live dealer blackjack games give more advantage to the dealer. While there is some truth to this claim, it shouldn’t be taken for granted. Let’s explore the live dealer blackjack concept, and see how it works to find more about whether a real advantage exists in favour of the dealer.


What Are Live Casino Games?

First of all, let’s talk about the nature of live casino games and how they differ from ordinary online casino games. If you had an opportunity to enjoy online gambling, you are probably aware that some of them miss that “social” factor.

In other words, people love hanging out with other people, and that was not possible at online casinos. At least not until someone came up with an idea of live dealer casino. The way it works is pretty simple: instead of a computer acting as the dealer, you get to see a real person live-streamed through dedicated software.

Nowadays, we can play our favourite casino games from the comfort of our home and feel like we are in a land-based casino. Human dealers make everything look more authentic and entertaining in comparison to standard online blackjack.

Live Blackjack is More Human – Is This a Good Thing?

Nothing changes when you play live blackjack online except for the fact that there is a “human” touch to it. Therefore, the only ones able to rig this kind of game are the dealers themselves. However, they are not likely to do that. As long as you play on regulated and trusted casinos, you don’t have to worry about rigged live games.

What Is House Edge in Live Blackjack Games?

When it comes to the live version of blackjack, there are a couple of things that you need to take into account. Just like all casino games, blackjack is made in such a way that some of the money you invest goes to the casino’s pocket. That is called the house edge, and it is merely the way casinos earn their profits. Evidently, this is also applicable to live blackjack games. Therefore, the house edge in Live blackjack will be the same as the one set in casinos.

Can You Get Better Blackjack Odds in Live Dealer Casino?

Overall, blackjack is considered a type of game with the lowest house edge as there are charts that can help you master the game. When you play this game in real-time, identical rules apply. As long as you stick to basic blackjack strategy, you are good to go. Following a basic approach also requires that you don’t take part in any other side bets as this will impact the house edge.

There Are Different Types of Live Blackjack

More importantly, one of the things that affect the house edge is the type of blackjack that you play. There are many blackjack variants such as European Blackjack, American Blackjack, Spanish 21, Pontoon, and more. All of them have slightly different odds.

Casinos sometimes have their take on specific rules, which is yet another thing that affects the house edge. For example, each casino has regulations about the soft 17, which can further affect the advantage. Furthermore, the house edge increases with the number of decks you are using when playing. Therefore, make sure to check these things out before starting your live blackjack session (or any blackjack session for that matter).


To sum up, the fact that there is a live dealer on the other side of your computer screen doesn’t change anything. Live blackjack is just like any other type of blackjack that you play at land-based and online casinos, except that you get to see a live-streamed croupier.

Live dealers can certainly make your blackjack experience more entertaining: However, they don’t have the power to increase their advantage. In fact, it must follow the rules of the game as much as you do.

What dictates the house edge (or dealer advantage) are the rules and the type of blackjack you play. And evidently, it is also applicable to live dealer blackjack games. In other words, the fact that you play in a different environment won’t have consequences in terms of the house edge.



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