How Does A Live Casino Works?

How Does A Live Casino Works?

Published Date · Aug. 12, 2019 · Last Updated · Oct. 5, 2022 ·Read Time · 3 mins


Live casino is one of the newest forms of gambling. The same action that goes on in a land-based casino goes on in a live casino as well. The significant difference between a land-based casino and a live casino is that players can place bets right from the comfort of their homes. But many wonder, how does a live casino works exactly, and as compared to land-based or simple online casinos? Let’s find out below.

Live Casino Explained

People who have been into gambling for a while, claims the RTP (Return-to-Player) at online casinos is better than land-based casinos. Others argue that slots have the best RTP. However, statistic reveals that the RTP is pretty much similar, whether you play at a land-based casinos or in a live casino.

Most the industry-leading live casinos you’d find out there are using gaming software provided by the registered company like Amaya Gaming, Microgaming, Playtech, Realtime Gaming, and so on. However, why is there so much excitement blaring everywhere about live casinos? In fact, what is a live casino? A live casino is an online casino that is run in real-time by live human dealers. As such, players can play using their computers and have a full gaming experience like in a real land-based casino. Some live casinos even allow players to use a mobile device to play live games.

Despite the fact everything seems computerised, the casino operators still need to invest a lot into technology in casinos and staffs as well. An average live casino would require a casino studio, a camera operator, a croupier, an information manager as well as a pit boss. Because of the cost involved in setting up a live casino, that’s why you can find only a countable number of games. Most live casinos only offer live blackjack, live roulette, live baccarat, live poker, and live sic bo.

A live casino floor usually consists of three rooms, namely the studio room, the software room, and the analyst room. However, this configuration may vary depending on the casino. Customers have a policy they must follow to be able to get online and play from home.


What Technology is Needed for Live Casino?

Setting up a live casino varies. It depends on how much the casino is willing to invest in the live casino. Here are some key technology in live casinos you’d always find most casino operators using.

Without a camera, a live casino wouldn’t be a live casino, after all. The cameras is what makes live streaming possible. Both the live casino and the player would require a camera for a smooth live chat between you and the dealer. For instance, let’s consider roulette; at the overview, there are three separate cameras. There’s one at the table, one at the wheels and the third one is for what they call picture in picture display.

The Game Control Unit (GCU) is an essential part of a live casino. The device isn’t as big as a shoebox, and every table has one of this box. It is responsible for encoding the video broadcast. It’s with the aid of the GCU that the live dealer can run the game. In summary, there is no live game without a GCU.

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Live Dealer

As you should already expect, the dealer is necessary for handling the game. With a dealer in the picture, when players start playing, they wouldn’t notice any difference between being in a brick and mortar casino and a live casino. The dealer isn’t just a face; the dealer would still have to understand the rules of the game obviously because he’d yet have to act like a standard dealer in the game.

Now, since the dealer is a real person, any physical transaction done by the live dealer is converted to data by different software. One of the software that does these translations is called the optical character recognition (OCR). This software allows players to take part in a casino game and get all the action without even noticing the difference. And the best part about what live casinos offer is that a real person determines the results. The dealer in front of your monitor determines the outcome and not a programmed computer.



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