How to Understand Live Online Casino Slang?

How to Understand Live Online Casino Slang?

Published Date · Feb. 4, 2021 · Last Updated · July 18, 2023 ·Read Time · 2 mins


When you play live casino for the first time, you may pick up on lots of different terminology that you are unfamiliar with. Casino slang is often used by live dealers when they are talking to the players in the lobby. Most of the slang that they use will be familiar to players, but there will be the odd time where what they say may catch you off guard. It can be a bit awkward if the dealer is talking to you and you do not understand what they are implying. Fear not, though. We will talk you through the common phrases which get misunderstood to help you when you play in a live casino.

Casino Slang

Action – Whilst ‘action’ is a common word in everyday conversation, the meaning of it in a live casino may not be simple knowledge. Essentially, when a dealer says something like: “the action is on you,” what they are meaning is that it is the player’s turn to do something. For instance, if the player is taking a while to decide whether to hit or stand on a blackjack hand.

Bankroll – If you have met someone in a casino lobby they may ask ‘what bankroll are you playing with?” This is simply another way of asking what your budget is, so pretty simple to get your head around!

Buy In – This is most commonly used within a poker table. The buy in is how much it costs to enter the tournament.

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Card Sharp – This is a term which is used to describe a player who is good at card games. Playing against someone who is card sharp is bad for you as they will most likely take your money. However, if you can play alongside someone who is card sharp on a game like blackjack, you will just watch them rinse the house of money.

Cold/Hot – These are the terms often used to describe streaks in casino games. If a player is on a cold run then they most likely have not won for a few spins. Whilst if they are on a hot run, they will be in good form and winning money.

Croupier – This is a fancy way to describe a table dealer. It may not be commonly used but you will be able to impress other players if you can use it.

High Roller – This is a term used to describe someone who bets a high amount of money in the casino. Higher risks for higher rewards and all that.


Pit Boss – Someone who works for the casino that watches over the dealer to make sure that fair play is occuring.

Railbird – Someone who watches casino games being played for their own enjoyment. This must be from a reasonable distance so they do not influence the game at all.

Toke – This is a tip which can be given to the dealer. Players often do this after gratitude from a big win.

Whale – A step up from a high roller. Someone who gambles buckets of cash and do not mind if they win or lose as long as they have had fun.


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