Online Casino Software Explained

Online Casino Software Explained

Published Date · March 11, 2019 · Last Updated · June 23, 2023 ·Read Time · 3 mins

If online casinos today attract a large number of players, it is largely thanks to the software used. We will recommend the five best software providers in this article.

An online casino software allows you to play in an online casino through an internet connection from a computer or from your smartphone. The men and women behind this invention are called game publishers or developers. They are the ones who created their different software. These software, also called platform, are all different. There are two different software at the moment:

  • those that require to download a program
  • those that you can play directly in your browser. They are more commonly referred to as no download online casinos.

Publishers and Casino Operators

There are different casino providers that work on the recommended details to attract players. Different companies work on the similar kind of details to ensure player attraction. The more games there are to bet on, the more customers the site is likely to have.

If a game requires a download then the content must be free to be competitive in the industry. Customers will not pay just to be able to play on the titles in the industry.

A wide choice of payment methods are key for the online casino. Having trusted methods such as debit card, PayPal, ApplePay help to be as appealing to as many customers as possible although not every device supports each of those.

The software

To help you in your search for the best online casino, we offer a selection of the best leading software companies for online gambling platform providers.


It is certainly one of the best online gaming providers in place today. Established in 1996, NetEnt has had great success from the beginning. It was one of the first software not to require to be downloaded. At the beginning, this Swedish platform created its own online casino sites but since then has focused on software development for operators. Online casinos are getting their services. Maria Casino or Casino Euro are both with NetEnt software. If this software is of Swedish origin, British players are admitted.

1*2 Gaming:

If all other software offers a wide selection of online games. 1*2 Gaming has made the bet to specialize in one area, the sport. This choice allows the English platform to integrate with other software to be complete. Created in 2003, this software is at the forefront in terms of security. It has set very high standards for safety and ethics. Which makes him a very serious software.

Actual gaming:

It also made the choice to specialize in a particular area, games with croupiers. Actual gaming also tried a risky bet but demands are here today. Indeed, this software allows players to challenge physically present people. This concept only takes place in three casinos in Dublin. But this initiative has been a great success with players. Since these are really pampered, the tables are equipped with mini cameras and sensors. So the players, from their couch, can hear perfectly and see what is going on around them. Players can also customize their interface.

Betsoft :

Little known until then, Betsoft is a platform in the process of becoming well-known. It was established a decade ago (1999). Before, it was only one site’s software that was not well known. Yet the quality of these games was very clean. But Betsoft has certainly passed a course by creating its own site: 7red. This online casino offers high-quality games. This software does not require to be downloaded.

Nextgen Gaming :

It is one of the precursors in the field of online casino games. Created in 1999, this software has continued to improve each year. Acquired by Nyx Gaming, Nextgen Gaming has also partnered with game provider Cryptologic. Since its purchase in 2011, the software is found on many online casino sites.


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