What is Dragon Bonus Baccarat?

Last modified: December 12, 2019
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The dragon bonus baccarat (DB) is a side bet that players can make before any cards are dealt and it comes with a higher payout. You can use the DB bonus to bet on the banker or player’s hand, and decide on who is going to win. On top of that, you are allowed to an extended baccarat table, where you can bet on how many significant points the winner crushes the loser. Therefore, the larger the margin of victory, the higher the payout you will receive. 

In this article, we will discuss what is a dragon bonus baccarat, its payouts and house edge.

House Edge

In baccarat, the dragon bonus has a significant influence on the house edge. It doubles the house edge on the player and reduces the odds on the banker. For bets on the player, the house edge is 2.7 percent, while it is 9.4 percent for bets on the banker.

At this point, you should note that when using the dragon’s bet bonus, your chances of winning on the player’s bet are lower than the ones you have if betting on the banker’s. However, if you bet on the player’s and it wins, your margin of victory would be greater.


Listed below are the baccarat dragon bonus payouts for both the banker and the player.:

Natural win (Two card 8 or 9)1:1

The dragon bonus can come in handy for players looking to increase their payouts. But since baccarat is a game of luck with almost no strategies or techniques needed, you can risk losing a great amount of money.

So, here’s a piece of personal advice, if you plan using the baccarat dragon bonus, try to avoid the banker’s side bet

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