How to Keep Your Baccarat Budget in Check?

How to Keep Your Baccarat Budget in Check?

Published Date · Oct. 3, 2019 · Last Updated · Oct. 5, 2022 ·Read Time · 3 mins


By applying some of the betting systems, you will be able to keep your baccarat and casino budget in check. There are several methods including the budget system, the pocket trick strategy, flat betting and the Martingale system. They were created by professional baccarat players in the UK who wanted to improve their chances of winning with each bet and keep track of their losses and winnings whilst in the casino. They know all cash is important whilst in the casino.

Basic strategies for keeping your budget in check are easy to learn whilst having a bet on baccarat. You can apply them as soon as you start your first session of baccarat. Let’s explore them and use the top tips make some money.

Baccarat Budget

It is the most straightforward method for keeping track of your budget when you play the game of baccarat. In other words, it is not designed to help you win at baccarat or lower the house edge, but to remind you not to overstep the line, it still is golden advice though.

All you have to do is decide how big your budget for playing a session of baccarat is. Next, you need to know how much money you are willing to lose and how much you would like to win. Crossing any of these lines means that you should stop playing. It is vital to have these worked out before having a bet so you do not give the casinos more money than is necessary, the cash is better in your pocket than the casino’s.

You should also manage your time in a similar manner. Decide how long your session should last, and once your time runs out, make sure to take a break.


Top Pockets Trick

Overspending is sometimes a problem, and that’s completely normal. People get carried away playing baccarat and spend way more than they had initially planned to. This trick works for every version of baccarat and simply requires you to divide your money into your left and your right pocket.

The money from your left pocket should be an amount that you are willing to spend on playing the game. On the other hand, your right pocket should be the amount of money you intend to save. Whenever you win a hand, divide the prize money in half and put each half your left and right pocket.

The Martingale Trick

The Martingale betting strategy is perhaps the most popular one. It is applicable to a wide variety of casino and card games and is especially effective in roulette. The idea is to double up every time you lose a hand in baccarat. Once you hit a winning streak, you will compensate for all your losses. How so?

Let’s assume that you want to bet one chip on the player. If you lose, you need to bet two chips, which is a total of three chips that you have spent at that point. However, if you win the next time, you will get a total of four chips. That is basically three chips that you had bet plus one more on top of that.

When you use the martingale system, make sure to check the minimum and the maximum possible bets on the table. No matter how small your starting bet is, if you hit a couple of losing hands, it could quickly grow to significant amounts.


The Golden Eagle

The golden eagle is a more complicated betting system as it requires that you are familiar with baccarat streaks and patterns. Basically, all you have to do is place a bet on both the player and the banker. You should place your bet based on the side that won the previous hand.

The game of baccarat is based around these winning streaks which are usually longer compared to some other similar card games such as blackjack. Therefore, the golden eagle betting system can help you capitalise on the streaks. Moreover, your losses will be minimal if you are on the losing streak, so you will be able to save enough money when the winning begins.

The Silver Tiger

Professional baccarat players who want to maximise their winnings use the so-called silver tiger strategy. It is made by a Chinese mathematician and can be used in a wide variety of baccarat games.

Essentially, you need a small buy-in which starts at 16 chips (you choose the denomination), and a bankroll of 64 chips (4 buy-ins). If you want a more conservative approach, you can have a 48-chip bankroll. By applying the silver tiger, you will be able to win approximately six additional chips for every buy-in.


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