What Are the Best Betting Strategies In Baccarat?

What Are the Best Betting Strategies In Baccarat?

Published Date · Aug. 13, 2019 · Last Updated · Oct. 5, 2022 ·Read Time · 2 mins


Although it looks straightforward on the surface, baccarat can be pretty exciting if you start applying appropriate strategies. It is difficult to say what are the best betting strategy in baccarat, so we came up with this article that covers the most popular and most effective ones.

They are useful in every land-based and online casino that offers baccarat. Therefore, you can make the most of them regardless of the way you prefer to play the game. Let’s take a closer look.

Best Run Strategy

This strategy is the most simple and most straightforward. If you are new to playing baccarat, it is one of those strategies that you should stick to. All you have to do is bet on the Player or the Banker until you stop playing. Statistically, it is better to put bets on the Banker, but that only applies over a high number of hands (we are talking thousands).

Therefore, all you have to do is start your session with one type of bet and never change it until you leave the game. According to this strategy, you should never make tie bets as they increase the house edge.


The Trend Switch

Baccarat strategies often incorporate betting trends which you can use in every type of baccarat games. Even if you play online, it is always a good idea to use so-called shoe trends. But what are they?

They are simply patterns that you can notice in baccarat, and professionals came up with a way to categorise them into trends. The trend switch strategy enables you to switch between two betting trends of your choice whenever you see that one of the patterns isn’t working.

However, if you are new, this might be a bit too much for you. In order to understand trends and get the most out of them, you need to take some notes. It brings us to the next strategy in baccarat.


The Note-Taking Strategy

The game of baccarat is fast-paced, and sometimes it is difficult to process all the information and act accordingly. Therefore, you can always take notes about your previous hands to deduct the best possible approach to playing this game. This is great for online baccarat or live baccarat as you can take notes on your computer and study them afterwards. However, some land-based casino might allow players a pen and a paper beside them which they can use to take notes.


The Money Management Approach

Money management is not a baccarat strategy per se, but it is one of the most useful ways of controlling your budget and knowing your overall score. Furthermore, if you manage your money, you will know when to stop playing or when there is room for bigger bets. Ultimately, money management should be combined with other strategies, including note-taking and bet run.



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