Gemix 2 Slot

Gemix 2 Slot
Published Date · April 16, 2021 · Last Updated · Jan. 31, 2024
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Gemix 2 Slot Review

Gemix 2 Slot Overview

Gemix was first introduced to audiences six years ago, and now Play’N Go has finally dropped the long-awaited sequel on us.

The game takes inspiration from popular mobile slot games and has set off in a bit of a trend in the online slot world for cluster-style payment systems. With the first Gemix being such a big hit – can Gemix 2 deliver?

Graphics and theme

The slot looks very similar to its predecessor and, like its original, is reminiscent of popular mobile matching games such as Candy Crush but with a fairytale twist.

The symbols players will be hoping to match up consist of various heart-shaped stones and coloured gems. There are ruby hearts, Fuschia half-moons, opal stars, jade pentagons, and many more. You can also reacquaint yourself with characters from the original title incl the dwarf miner, the Princess, and the wizard. Of course, there are also two new characters in the gallant knight and a Gnome peddling stolen wares.

Play’ n’ Go has stepped up the theme for this one by improving the character design, and the medieval background music has a rousing drum roll. It makes players feel like they’re entering a palace. The transitions are also much more engaging than in the original, as each combination sends a yellow stream towards the player’s world bonus to the right of the grid.

Gemix 2 Slot Details


Cluster pays









7,500 x

Software Provider

Play'n GO


Diamonds and Gems

Design and Layout

Scatter Symbols Slots, 7 Reel Slots, Wild Symbol


Bonus Round, Multiplier

This is a major improvement on the first Gemix game, each feature has been refined, and Gemix 2 is a fantastic example of a cluster pay style game.  The super change feature gives this online slot machine constant excitement as there is always an ultimate aim. The world features also do a great job of emphasizing the characters and helping this stand out from the crowd. Highly recommended.


Vast Improvement On The Original

Fun Gameplay

Nice Graphics


Unknown Paylines

No Free Spins

How To Play Gemix 2 Slot

Like the original Gemix title, the gameplay here is very unique, and those who are used to more traditional slots may find it a little bit difficult to get used to.

This game takes place on a 7×7 grid. It uses a playing structure known as cluster pays, which means there are no traditional paylines. To win, players need only to match five or more symbols in a cluster. To be included in a cluster, the symbols must touch each other vertically and horizontally. Diagonal matching symbols will not be included in the match. Unlike normal slots (and more like matching games), when a combination is successfully made, the symbols disappear and are replaced by new ones. If the new gemstones generate another win, this will keep continuing until no more wins are generated.

The pot is displayed to the bottom left, and the range of potential stake is from £0.10 to £100.  Below the grid at the bottom are suggested stake integrals.  There is also an auto spin option available for the game.

Gemix 2 Slot Features

Speaking of the world bonus, this is a meter that sits to the right-hand side of the screen, which players can fill up by scoring wins. This will then be used to help trigger bonus rounds.

Some of the symbols will have a yellow background which represents the world pattern.  Players can proceed to a new world with a different pattern if they are able to accumulate wins on all of the yellow icons. Each different world is themed after the four main characters.  After doing this, players can pick the Gnome’s pocket for a chance to win the world bonus.

The beauty of this slot is in the variance of wilds in each world. The heroes only show up in their corresponding world and offer different bonuses.  The Knight replaces four symbols with a mega wild symbol of a shield.  The Princess gives players a spreading wild, while The Wizard will add up to 5 sticky wilds.

The Crystal charge meter, which sits to the left of the grid, will fill up sequential wins.  If players can rack up 25 consecutive wins, they unlock one of four potential bonuses.  There is the Crystal Warp which changes all of the versions of one symbol into another symbol.  Nova Blast causes one symbol to explode and get rid of the symbols around it.  Light Beam causes a symbol to blast out beams of light which transform any symbol it touches to match.  Chain Lightning causes one symbol in two of the four corners to create a chain between each other and transform every touching symbol into matching gems. All of these bonuses will appear very familiar to anyone who has ever played games like Candy Crush.

The highest return is 7,500 times the stake. To achieve this, players must destroy 50 symbols and trigger all four modifiers and multiply two times.

Play Gemix 2 Demo for Free

Want to play for fun first? Try out the Gemix 2 slot demo! Online slots demos enable you to find the games that bring you pure gaming bliss, tailored to your specific interests. Demos streamline the gaming experience, allowing players to manage their time effectively and delve into a variety of games effortlessly. Embrace the confidence-building potential of online slots demos, gaining the assurance needed for real-money success.

Gemix 2 Slot on Mobile

Play’ n’ Go always adapts its slots for mobile use, and this is no different. The slot will work on both tablets and mobiles and is supported on both Android and iOS operating systems. It will also run smoothly on any online casino applications it may be featured on.

Gemix 2


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