Kluster Krystals Megaclusters Slot

Kluster Krystals Megaclusters Slot
Published Date · Jan. 26, 2021 · Last Updated · Jan. 31, 2024
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Kluster Krystals Megaclusters Slot Review

Kluster Krystals Megaclusters Slot Overview

Players are welcomed to the fun and shining world of Kluster Krystals, for this high-end slot game. The beautiful space gems are hard to resist and so very satisfying to smash. With a kind of candy crush level of fun but with more of an online slot wagering and winning dynamic, Kluster Krystals makes for a seriously entertaining game to play, either at your laptop or out and about on your phone.   This game designed by Relax Gaming is played on a 5×5 grid, with a cluster burst win generating system. To win combos, players must land clusters of 8 or more of the same symbols in close proximity. Bonus features for Kluster Krystals Megaclusters are plentiful and diverse. They include the tumble feature (much like the cascading reels feature), the symbol upgrade feature, a multiplier feature, as well as a selection of mini-games and a free spins feature. Bets for Kluster Krystals Megaclusters range from 10p to £100 per spin. The maximum win available for the game is 9,921.7 x stake.  Kluster Krystals Megaclusters is a high volatility slot from the glittering beyond with a high return to player percentage of 96.49%

Graphics and Theme

Kluster Krystals Megaclusters has a kind of outer space ritual feel to it with the game being set in a kind of stone ruin in the dark. Although a simple design, the creators have done quite a bit to make this game’s visual elements satisfying to watch and be involved in. The background is a dark night with a hint of the northern lights streaking across the sky, in various blue and green hues. The board is more of a U shape section of the screen which is constructed using the stone pillars at the left and right of the screen and a stone base at the bottom. The symbols float freely in their formation within this area. Symbols are a collection of crystals in various shapes, sizes colours and complexities. The larger the symbol, the more valuable it is. The music is a futuristic space track.

Kluster Krystals Megaclusters Slot Details


Cluster pays









9,921.7 x

Software Provider

Relax Gaming


Diamonds and Gems

Design and Layout

Scatter Symbols Slots, 5 Reel Slots, Wild Symbol


Bonus Round, Multiplier, Free Spins

There has always been something alluring and intensely satisfying about gem-smashing games for players of different backgrounds. Certainly, Relax Gaming have tapped into this perfectly. With the plentiful number of features available, you will not get bored playing this multifaceted game. And lest we forget that unbelievable max win of 9,921.7 x your stake, which will have gamers coming from far and wide to get to play this colourful and intensely lucrative game.


High Payout Potential

Fun Theme

Superb Bonus Features


Pay System Is A Little Confusing

How To Play Kluster Krystals Megaclusters Slot

Relax Gaming makes setting up and playing Kluster Krystals Megaclusters easy with a range of betting options provided along the bottom of the screen. Using this menu, players can set the bet per spin and win and loss limits. Once these parameters are set, players may spin the reels. This can be done either using the manual spin button or by setting up automatic spins. To win, players must match symbols across pay lines from left to right.

Kluster Krystals Megaclusters Slot Features

As has been mentioned, Kluster Krystals Megaclusters is pretty feature-heavy, with a total of 7 bonuses to be played. The first and most frequently triggered bonus is the Tumble feature. When you form a winning cluster and the winning symbols involved explode, new symbols fall into their places to fill the gaps. This gives you another chance of winning from one spin. The adjacent symbols to the winning symbols are also upgraded, meaning a greater chance of forming a higher value win with the next spin. The tumbles will continue to be triggered until a new set of symbols does not form a win.

The next bonus is called the Symbol Upgrade Feature. Symbols as you will notice come in four distinct formats. They will either appear as singles, doubles, triples, or quads. As explained briefly above, when symbols are next to winning symbols, they are upgraded. This means that the effected symbols will be boosted to the next size. For example, a single will be upgraded to a double.

At play also is the multiplier feature. You will notice is regarding the wild multipliers that randomly fall onto the reels. These come in 1x 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x and 10x as their base multiplier. When multipliers are next to winning clusters, the multiplier like regular symbols is also upgraded.

The multiplier grows with an equal amount to the corresponding base multiplier for each upgrade that is achieved. A multiplier can be upgraded a maximum of 3 times. When multipliers are part of a win, that win multiplies by the multiplier displayed on the symbol.

This game also comes with a few mini features. These are triggered after a sequence of 6 or more tumbles. They are explained in below:

Krystal Vanish feature =1 symbol group (colour) is chosen and removed from the grid

Krystal Boost feature = This upgrades all visible normal symbols by upgrade.

Krystal Kut feature = This removes all visible single normal symbols

These mini features are designed to give the player a greater chance of forming both more frequent and more valuable wins.

Lastly, there is the Free Spins feature. This feature is triggered by upgrading the bonus symbol (the yellow crystal box) to its fullest size. You can upgrade the bonus scatter by creating wins adjacent to it.

The Free Spins round grants players seven free spins. You can also retrigger the feature if you again get the bonus to the fully upgraded version of itself again from within the feature. The retriggered feature gives you an extra four free spins. You cannot exhaust the number of free spins you can play with, as long as you upgrade the bonus symbol. As within the standard game, you can also benefit from the various features in the free spins, such as multipliers, mini-features, tumbles and symbol upgrades.

Play Kluster Krystals Megaclusters Demo for Free

For those who prefer playing for fun first, try out the Kluster Krystals Megaclusters slot demo! Treat online slots demos as your game paradise, where you can indulge in a paradise of games and themes tailored to your taste. With demos, players can embark on quick gaming adventures, efficiently trying out different games to find their favourites. Embrace fearless gameplay with online slots demos, empowering you to face real-money challenges with confidence.

Kluster Krystals Megaclusters Slot on Mobile

Kluster Krystals Megaclusters can be played on all mobile platforms and is optimised for Apple and Android software.

Kluster Krystals Megaclusters


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