Jurassic Park Slot

Jurassic Park Slot
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Published Date · March 29, 2019 · Last Updated · Feb. 22, 2024
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Jurassic Park Slot Review

Jurassic Park Slot Overview

Those scientists can't leave things alone, can they? Find a few lost strands of Dinosaur DNA, and they recreate the entire species! Never mind all those monstrous proportions, huge teeth, and carnivorous diet. Even the relatively cute-looking ones have a habit of projecting toxic slime into your face before devouring you. Dear, oh, dear. We can only be grateful that all of this only occurred in the mind of Michael Crichton and on the big screen…for now. Still, it made for a pretty decent movie, and, as we shall see, the slot game isn’t too bad either. It's time to dig out your big boy pants and venture into a land populated by T-Rex, Velociraptors, and Jeff Goldblum. Thankfully, it’s all perfectly safe, and - rather than being eaten - you can enjoy the more appealing delights of five Free Spins Bonuses and a Wild Frenzy in T-Rex Alert Mode. Avoid the clutches of the reptilian ones, and you may escape with a 6,333x max win!

Jurassic Park Slot Details











6,333 x

Software Provider



Hollywood, Movie

Design and Layout

5 Reel Slots, Wild Symbol


Bonus Round, Multiplier, Free Spins

Not all movie or TV show-related slots do full justice to the source material. It is, therefore, a pleasure to review such a lovingly created game. From an audio-visual perspective, this gets a 10/10 thanks to the flawless graphics, voice-over effects, scenes from the first film and more. Happily, Jurassic Park is more than just good-looking. If we are being ultra-picky, an extra feature in the base game wouldn’t have gone amiss, but the Paying Scatters, T-Rex Alert Mode, and immersive setting do more than enough to bring balance and keep you engaged. The fun really starts in the Free Spins Rounds, all of which reflect the personality of their dinosaur hosts, from the charming Brachiosaurus to the terrifying T-Rex, and on to the deeply unpleasant Dilophosaurus. All of that, and the 96.67% also represents excellent value for money. Fan of the series or otherwise, this is a must-play!


Fantastic Graphics

Lots Of Bonuses

Fun Base Game


Fairly Low Maximum Win

How To Play Jurassic Park Slot

jurassic park base
Base game
jurassic park scatter symbol
Scatter symbol lands
Min Bet
Max Bet
Max Win (x stake)




Jurassic Park Basic Rules

  • The action sees you plunge into jungle-like terrain and land face-to-face with a fearsome 5x3 game grid
  • Thanks to the all-ways pay system, there are a rather delicious 243 winning ways on offer
  • Payouts are produced by landing three or more matching symbols on adjacent reels, beginning at reel one

Jurassic Park Slot Paytable & Symbols

Here's a guide to all the symbols and payouts you'll find in Jurassic Park. Top of the food chain but the bottom of the pay ladder, Dilophosaurus, Triceratops, Brachiosaurus, Velociraptor, and T-Rex symbols make up the low-paying category – awarding 2x-5x for five of a kind. The good Doctors - Ian Malcolm, John Hammond, Ellie Sattler, and Alan Grant - are more rewarding at 8.33x-13.33x for five.

3 Symbols
4 Symbols
5 Symbols
jurassic park dilophosaurus
jurassic park triceratops
jurassic park brachiosaurus
jurassic park velociraptor
jurassicpark t rex
jurassic park ian malcolm
Ian Malcolm
jurassic park john hammond
John Hammond
jurassic park ellie sattler
Ellie Sattler
jurassic park alan grant
Alan Grant

Jurassic Park Slot Features

Logo Wilds

The instantly recognisable Red and Black Logo is the Wild Symbol. Wilds substitute for all standard symbols to help create winning combos and may appear in stacks up to three high. Wilds are also the top-paying symbol at 20x for five.

T-Rex Alert Mode

What on Earth is that rustling through the trees? Is it the most fearsome predator to ever walk the Earth? Well, of course it is! Surprisingly, that is good news. No, really, it is. The presence of a T-Rex sees T-Rex Alert Mode kick into gear, adding 35 additional Wilds to the reels, which remain in play for six spins.

Paying Scatters

Aww, that little mosquito in amber. What could possibly go wrong? Amber Bugs are the Scatters of the game

  • Two Bugs = 1x payout
  • Three Bugs = 2x payout
  • Four Bugs = 20x payout
  • Five Bugs = 100x payout

Jurassic Park Slot Bonus Features

jurassic park free spins unlocked
Free spins unlocked
jurassic park free spins bonus
Free Spins Bonus

Free Spins Bonuses

Not only do those Amber Scatters hand you a payout, but they also pave the way to the Parks' suite of Free Spins Bonuses. Land three or more Scatters to win one of the following five features:

  • T-Rex Free Spins: 12 free spins with up to five full-reel Wilds on each spin. All T-Rex Symbols are stacked, up to a max of three high.
  • Velociraptor Free Spins: 12 free spins featuring random Split Wilds and 4x, 5x, or 6x Multiplier Wilds. Split Wilds make six-of-a-kind wins possible. Six-of-a-kind wins pay double the value of the five-of-a-kind payout. All Velociraptor Symbols are stacked - up to a max of three high.
  • Triceratops Free Spins: 12 free spins featuring Wild Stacks, which grow by one after every spin – increasing your chances of landing a full-reel Wild. On any losing spin, full-reel Wilds become sticky and partial Wild reels nudge up or down to create a sticky full-reel Wild. Non-wild reels then re-spin. All Triceratops Symbols are stacked - up to a max of three high.
  • Brachiosaurus Free Spins: 12 free spins with 2x, 3x, 4x, or 6x Multipliers randomly added to all spins. Unlike the other rounds, Brachiosaurus Free Spins may re-trigger. All Brachiosaurus Symbols are stacked - up to a max of three high
  • Dilophosaurus Free Spins: 12 free spins. On any spin, the Dilophosaurus may spit a Wild onto the reels. Each of these Wilds becomes sticky whenever they are involved in a win. All Dilophosaurus Symbols are stacked - up to a max of three high.

For the first 25 free spin triggers, the bonus round is randomly selected. After the 25th activation, you may choose your own dinosaur.

Our Verdict Just one of these rounds would have done the job. To have all five on offer is a treat. Each brings enough variety to feel a little different from the rest, and all are jam-packed with win potential.

Play Jurassic Park Demo for Free

If you’re interested, you can play the Jurassic Park slot demo for free before you start playing with real money! Consider free play online slot demos as your path to influence, as your feedback helps developers make the game even better. Delight in the experience of online slot demos and unleash the fun without any financial stakes.

Jurassic Park Slot RTP & Volatility

Variable RTP

The fixed Return to Player (RTP) percentage of 96.67% measures up well to the industry average RTP of 96%.

Dinosaurs inevitably come with some risk attached, but perhaps not so much as you might think, with this game sitting on the border between medium and high volatility. Expect some turbulence, but nothing like the extreme rollercoaster of a pure high volatility release.

Our Verdict Top marks to Microgaming for pitching Jurassic Park at a very player-friendly 96.67%. It wouldn’t have been a great surprise to see this squarely in the high volatility sector, but enough is going on in the base game to smooth out the ride.

Jurassic Park Slot Graphics & Audio


Microgaming have cut no corners from a visual perspective in this stellar production. Realism is the order of the day with the dense jungle backdrop, whilst the side-to-side motion of the transparent grid lends a degree of unease to the setting. The cast of dinosaurs exudes menace on the reels, whilst the representations of Richard Attenborough, Jeff Goldblum, Sam Neill, and Laura Dern are all lifted from the movie. We also loved the movie cut screens and the fact that each of the Bonus Rounds takes place in a unique setting. The sight of the T-Rex looking you in the eye and steaming up the screen is particularly hard to forget.

jurassic park base win
Wins in the base game
jurassic park wild symbols
Wild Symbols appear on the reels


The audio team have also done a great job of creating a subtle soundtrack which effectively ramps up the tension. Things begin serenely enough with the gentle strings and winds of the base game, but there’s something a little unsettling about the wildlife effects just under the surface. The friendly Triceratops and Brachiosaurus Rounds are also relatively relaxed, but things take a turn to the fearsome in the other three features. Wins, meanwhile, are made all the sweeter by their classic theme tune accompaniment.

Our Verdict For us, slot game production doesn’t come much better than this. The variety on offer in the brilliant graphics is exceptional, the soundtrack unmistakable, and the attention to detail outstanding. 

Jurassic Park Slot on Mobile

Microgaming has ensured desktop players and mobile slot fans can get their dinosaur on. Utilising the latest JS and HTML5 technology, Jurassic Park performs smoothly on Android, iOS, and Windows-powered devices.

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park FAQs

Can I play Jurassic Park slot on mobile?

Yes - the slot is compatible with all iOS and Android devices.

Are there free spins in Jurassic Park slot?

Yes - the slot has five distinct Free Spins Bonuses all with different mechanics, each of which gives you at least 12 free spins.

Can I win real money playing Jurassic Park slot?

Yes - if you register with an online casino that has Jurassic Park in its library, you can stake and win real money while playing the game.

How much can I win playing Jurassic Park slot?

The slot pays out up to 6,333x your stake.


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