Prime Zone Slot

Prime Zone Slot
Published Date · Nov. 25, 2019 · Last Updated · Feb. 21, 2024
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Prime Zone Slot Review

Prime Zone Slot Overview

Quickspin’s Prime Zone is a fantastic new video slot with tons of exciting features such as Prime Zones and Multiplier Wilds. Featuring 5 reels and 3 rows, playing and winning is simple: Just take turns spinning until you land on one of the lucrative combinations with multiple wilds and a huge payout. It’s one of the best slots to play you can find.

Set in front of a backdrop of a beautiful Nevada sunset, Prime Zone draws you in with the promise of an upcoming night of fun and riches. One look at the picture brings to mind a beautiful view of Las Vegas. The iconic palm trees frame the setting sun along a road. It feels like you’re on the road yourself, driving into the famous city for an amazing time. For an immersive and thematic experience, it’s one of the best online slots around.

Minimum wages are as low as 10 cents, so it doesn’t take much to start having fun at Prime Zone. Those on the lookout for bigger wins can even bet up to £100 on a single spin. So, anyone can play Prime Zone and have fun, making a profit at the same time too. The depth of your wallet doesn’t matter!

Prime Zone Slot Details











2,000 x

Software Provider




Design and Layout

5 Reel Slots, Wild Symbol


Bonus Round, Free Spins

Compared to some other slots, the maximum multiplier is easier to reach, though not as high. There is no progressive jackpot either, but otherwise, Prime Zone is one of the best online slots for most players.


Great Theme

Lots of Multipliers

Plenty of Bonus Chances


No Progressive Jackpot

How To Play Prime Zone Slot

When a particular combination of three symbols appears, a bonus option is available. Every time the three bonus symbols appear in the middle three reels, a free spin is given out. These bonus free spins make this one of the best online slots around. Not only that but after 7 free spins, a new set of 4 bonus options are offered. You can pick whichever option you like!

  1. The safest option. Just three wild symbols are added to the first three reels, increasing your chances of hitting one.
  2. A riskier option, with medium variance. Three wild symbols are added to the middle three reels, and there is a 2x multiplier on the spin.
  3. The riskiest option with the highest variance but also higher rewards. The multiplier increases to 3x, and the wild symbols are added to the last three reels.

There is also a fourth option, which is completely random. The variance is random, the wild symbols are added to any one of the three zones at random, and the multiplier can be anywhere from none to 4x.

All the bonus multipliers stack with each other. Players can stack truly massive modifiers, up to 1000x or 2000x. Even a single euro wagered has the potential to return thousands to the player. That’s a huge profit, making this one of the best online slots around!

Prime Zone Slot Features

The reels consist of the typical symbols: cards, diamonds, blue ‘7’s and red ‘7’s. Out of all these, the Red Sevens offer the highest payouts. If you get a full row of Red Sevens, you get back nearly 50 times your original wager. But what sets Prime Zone apart and makes it one of the best online slots is the Multiplier Wild mechanic.

The Multiplier Wild is a “wildcard”. It can show up in any reel at any time. When you get a multiplier wild, you can substitute it for any other symbol you like. This gives you higher chances of landing those jackpot rolls. But multiplier wilds also have another bonus. They multiply among themselves too!

  • If you get three of them in a row, you get a 3x bonus on top of your current winning odds and multipliers.
  • If you’re lucky enough to get 5 multiplier wilds together, that’s a massive 250x bonus! This bonus also stacks with other bonuses.

Play Prime Zone Demo for Free

Take the time to play the Prime Zone slot demo for free first before you start betting with real money at an online casino! Free play slot demos give players the chance to play for free before committing to staking real money. Use the demo as the perfect preparation for real-money gaming, giving you the best possible chance of making money when it comes time to play for real.

Prime Zone Slot on Mobile

Quickspin has ensured that Prime Zone is fully compatible for smaller screens. The slot has been optimized with HTML5 technology, making the game playable on all iOS and Android devices.

Prime Zone


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