Rabbit Hole Riches Slot

Rabbit Hole Riches Slot
Published Date · Oct. 21, 2020 · Last Updated · Oct. 5, 2023
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Rabbit Hole Riches Slot Review

Rabbit Hole Riches Slot Overview

Inspired by Lewis Caroll’s famous creation: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Rabbit Hole Riches takes players to the mysterious world of Cheshire Cats, Mad Hatters and Talking Caterpillars. This fantastical creation comes courtesy of Play ‘n GO and is in the classic format of three reels and five pay lines. This colourful game is hosted by the famous white rabbit and includes a number of exciting features such as free spins, re-spins, and a 5,000x max win!

Rabbit Hole Riches Slot Details











5,000 x

Software Provider

Play'n GO



Design and Layout

Scatter Symbols Slots, Wild Symbol, 3 Reel Slots


Bonus Round, Multiplier, Free Spins

Although the Alice in Wonderland theme is well-trodden ground for the world of online slot games, Play ‘n GO have managed to inject new life into the wacky theme with a well thought out design and innovative gameplay. The bonus games give Rabbit Hole Riches a greater depth than some slot games, even if a couple are not overly novel or lucrative. However, with a big max win rate and captivating graphics, the game is still worth plenty of spins.


Lots of Bonuses

Great Graphics

Wacky Theme


Not Many Paylines

Can Seem Complex

How To Play Rabbit Hole Riches Slot

rabbit hole riches base
Base game
rabbit hole riches winning combination
Winning combination

Min Bet

Max Bet

Max Win (x stake)




Rabbit Hole Riches Basic Rules

  • The slot is played on a 3x3 grid
  • There are five paylines on offer
  • Wins are formed by landing three matching symbols from left to right

Rabbit Hole Riches Slot Paytable & Symbols

Here's a guide to all the symbols and payouts you'll find in Rabbit Hole Riches:

3 Symbols
rabbit hole riches diamond
rabbit hole riches spade
rabbit hole riches club
rabbit hole riches heart
rabbit hole riches tree man
Tree Man
rabbit hole riches caterpillar
rabbit hole riches mad hatter
Mad Hatter
rabbit hole riches queen
rabbit hole riches_Cheshire_Cat_Wild
Cheshire Cat Wild
rabbit hole riches_White_Tower_Wild
Tower Wild (White or Red)
rabbit hole riches Wild

Rabbit Hole Riches Slot Paylines

Here's a guide to all the payline on offer in Rabbit Hole Riches:

Rabbit Hole Riches - Slot
Every winning line in Rabbit Hole Riches

Rabbit Hole Riches Slot Features

Pocket Watch Scatters

Whilst playing the base game players should be on the lookout for the pocket watch symbol which can land on top of regular symbols overlaying them. When three land on the board simultaneously, this triggers the Rabbit Hole Bonus. This will give your bouncy friend the rabbit a choice of playing four different bonus games which are as follows.

Rabbit Hole Riches Slot Bonus Features

Rabbit hole Riches bonus selection
Bonus selction
Rabbit hole Riches tower power free spins
Tower Power Free Spins
Rabbit hole Riches cheshire cat re-spins
Cheshire Cat Re-spins
Rabbit hole Riches tea party
Tea Party Pick Bonus

Queen's Army Free Spins

One of the options the rabbit can activate for you through the red door is the Queen’s Army free spins game. This awards players eight free spins to start you off and then a 2x multiplier for each winning spin. Once in this game, landing any more little pocket watches will grant you an additional three spins and multipliers. Both additional features can be triggered an unlimited amount of times.

Tower Power Free Spins

The second option the rabbit might choose via the yellow door is the Tower Power free spins round. This game gives you seven free spins which are used to play the game with either a red or white tower for wilds to pick from.  Once you have chosen your tower, the aim of the game is to collect as many symbols of your selected colour for a 2x multiplier reward. If the opposing tower wins, however, it is a checkmate. Lastly, if it is a draw, the whole feature will start again with a fresh seven spins to play.

Cheshire Cat Re-spins

Thirdly, if the rabbit hops through the blue door, this will result in the Cheshire Cat re-spins game. This game gives you one re-spin with wilds guaranteed on the reels for every spin as long as you repeatedly retrigger the feature by winning.

Tea Party Pick Bonus

Lastly, the green door gets you an invitation to the Tea Party Pick bonus round. Here you will receive one free spin and have a chance of picking up a teacup which can unveil the high-paying symbol. Each time this specific symbol is revealed, it pays up to 8x your stake.

Our Verdict There was a lot of pressure on the slot's bonus features to make up for its lack of base game activity, and we feel like they delivered. In this case, there's strength in numbers - having four different bonus options to choose from helped keep the gameplay fresher for longer.

Play Rabbit Hole Riches Demo for Free

For those wanting to play for fun, look no further than the Rabbit Hole Riches slot demo! Consider online slots demos as your game enhancement tool, with player feedback driving improvements and upgrades. With online slots demos, rule clarity is at your fingertips, helping you become well-acquainted with the game's rules. Discover cutting-edge gameplay mechanics, themes, and features with online slots demos, offering a glimpse into the future of gaming.

Rabbit Hole Riches Slot RTP & Volatility


Variable RTP





Rabbit Hole Riches has a return to player (RTP) percentage of 96.23%, placing it above the industry average of 96% which we've come to expect for slots. This is a variable RTP however, with settings as low as 84.34% available at certain casinos. Regarding volatility, the slot falls into the high category.

Our Verdict The top-end RTP is exactly what we want, but we urge you to proceed with caution due to the variable settings. The medium volatility suggests a steady stream of payouts, which is what you want from a slot with so many bonus features.

Rabbit Hole Riches Slot Graphics & Audio


From the well-designed symbols, which are a mix of characters from the novel, to the backdrop of a dilapidated chessboard, each detail has been rendered with great care. The high level of detail and novelty is even incorporated into the transition content between the base game and the free spin rounds. During this change, the white rabbit descends from above and is given four magical portals to enter. This whole extra cut scene ups the entertainment value of the game.

Rabbit hole Riches base game
Base game spins
Rabbit hole Riches scatter symbols
Scatter symbols on the reels
Rabbit hole Riches free spins
Free spins in action
Rabbit hole Riches ultra big win
Ultra Big Win


The music for this bizarre and exhilarating adventure is a dramatic classical piece which evokes a feeling of hurried excitement. This music makes a perfect match for the main character in this slot, the flustered, time-pressured rabbit.

Our Verdict Play'n GO have put a lot into this game to make you genuinely believe that you are immersed in Wonderland.

Rabbit Hole Riches Slot on Mobile

This swirling fantasy world is available to you not only at home but on the go as it is compatible with Android or iOS devices.

Rabbit Hole Riches

Rabbit Hole Riches FAQs

Who made Rabbit Hole Riches slot?

The slot was developed by Play'n GO.

What is the RTP for Rabbit Hole Riches slot?


When was Rabbit Hole Riches slot released?

8th October 2020.

How much can I win playing Rabbit Hole Riches slot?

The slot pays out up to 5,000x your stake.


Nosa Omoigui

Content Editor

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