Online Gambling in Florida -
Casino & Sports Betting

Florida, also known as The Sunshine State, is known for many things, such as delicious oranges, Disney World, Cape Canaveral, and swampy marshes filled with alligators. It is also home to many retirees. Many retirees, as well as other Floridians, love to gamble.

There is no recorded case of a Florida citizen ever being prosecuted for online gambling. However, reading this article ensures that you know everything you need to know, whether you play the lottery, bet on casino games, or place high stakes on sports games.

If you’re a gambling enthusiast in Florida, read on to make sure you know what you can participate in legally, safely, and securely.

Online Casino in Florida

Florida online casinos are not legal. However, citizens of The Sunshine State are allowed to gamble or place bets at online casinos outside of Florida, for example, at offshore sites. We do not recommend this, though, as many sites are not vetted and gamblers can run into problems.

Sports Betting in Florida

Florida Penal Code prohibits betting or wagering on any game or contest that has to do with human speed, power, or skill. Although this doesn’t specifically say “sports betting,” most sources say that sports fall into this category.

Florida citizens, however, are able to place bets that are “housed” in other states or offshore sites. We do not recommend this, though, as it can often be unsafe.

Final Thoughts

Although all forms of gambling are not legal yet in Florida, there are plenty of ways to engage in this pastime within legal limits.

If gambling has become a problem in your life or in the life of someone you love, help is available. Reach out to Gambler’s Anonymous or another similar nonprofit and get the resources you deserve.


Is online gambling legal in Florida?

Florida citizens have never been prosecuted for gambling online. However, they are not legal in Florida.

Are there land-based casinos in Florida?

Yes, there are many casinos. Craps and roulette are not legal in these establishments, however.

Can I gamble online in Florida for free?

Yes, as long as the online casinos that you use are housed outside of Florida.

What is the legal age to gamble in Florida?

The legal age for bingo and poker rooms is 18. Other games and other forms of gambling are allowed at 21.

What is a payout percentage?

Yes, there are many casinos on tribal land where you can play with a live dealer.

Can I gamble in Florida on my tablet or phone?

Yes, as long as the online gambling site is not based out of Florida.