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Georgia, also known as The Peach State, is a hub of agriculture. Georgia was the last of the thirteen British colonies, and it was originally meant to be a home for Londonā€™s ā€œworthy poor,ā€ meaning the homeless and those in a great amount of debt.

This never came to fruition, though, and Georgia is now home to plentiful crops, farms, and businesses.

There are only a few options for legal gambling in Georgia, so it is important that you stay aware of the laws for whichever type of gambling you prefer. Online Casinos and Online Sportsbooks are not legal. Ignorance is not an excuse according to the law. If you live in Georgia and want to gamble, you can do so through the lottery, bingo, and charitable raffles. Hopefully, this quenches your thirst for the game!

Online Casino in Georgia

There are no laws that specifically make online betting in Georgia illegal. You cannot, however, run a gambling website out of Georgia. So, Georgia residents are able to place bets if they are on sites based outside of The Peach State or on offshore sites, however, we do not recommend this as it can be unsafe if sites are not vetted.

Sports Betting in Georgia

Sports betting in Georgia is not legal in person or online, unless you are using a site that is not based in The Peach State.Ā 

Sports betting in Georgia has been illegal since PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act) passed in 1992. The passing of this act banned sports betting, and in 2018 the federal courts struck it down, allowing states to decide for themselves whether or not they would allow sports betting.Ā 

Georgia has yet to make it legal.



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Georgia residents are allowed to place bets on sites that are based outside of Georgia, but it is not recommended.

You may legally gamble in Georgia when you are 18.

No, there are no in-person casinos in Georgia. There is a cruise ship that docks in Brunswick, though, and residents or visitors can legally gamble on the ship.

It is safe and legal for you to gamble online while in Georgia, as long as you are doing so on sites that are not operated from within the state.

Yes, Georgia residents are not prosecuted for online gambling on their own devices.Ā 

No, online casinos based out of The Peach State are not legal. However, residents can gamble offshore or in other states.

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