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Connecticut, also known as The Constitution State, is one of the oldest states in the Union. People flock to this area of New England to enjoy culture, Naval history and see the leaves changing in fall. Itā€™s a place where people love to bundle up, enjoy nature, and alsoā€¦ to gamble! Luckily for Connecticut residents, 2021 saw the passage of legislation that now regulates online gambling in the state. This means that citizens of The Constitution State have many more options for playing the odds.Most forms of gambling are legal in Connecticut, with a couple of regulations.This article will give you the rundown so that you can enjoy participating in Fantasy Leagues, gambling online, or playing the lottery as often as you would like.

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Online Casino in Connecticut

Connecticut online casinos were legalized in 2019. You must be 21 though, to bet in online casinos legally. Residents will not be prosecuted or fined for online gambling in Connecticut, nor will they be charged for gambling on online sites outside of the state or offshore.

Sports Betting in Connecticut

Sports betting is now legal in this state, which opens up many options for Connecticut residents. Online sportsbooks are a popular option, and although there arenā€™t any as of yet that is based out of the state, residents can still bet at sites that are registered to run in Connecticut.

Final Thoughts

If you love to gamble, Connecticut is a great place to visit or live! If gambling has become a problem for you, however, and you want help, then reach out to a non-profit such as Gamblerā€™s Anonymous. They can help you get your decisions back on track.


Is online gambling legal in Connecticut?

In the state of Connecticut, you can legally bet on the following: in-person and online casino games, in-person and online sports betting, in-person (although limited) and online poker, in-person and online horse betting (must be 18 years or older), the lottery (18 years or older), bingo, and charitable games including raffles and charity bingos. Social gambling is also legal in the state of Connecticut as long as the ā€œparticipants must have a relationship beyond the gambling event and no one can profit from the operation of the gameā€.

Are there land-based casinos in Connecticut?

Yes. Although Connecticut is a smaller state, it still offers two casino resorts: Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods.

Can I play with a real live dealer in Connecticut?

Yes, at the two land-based casinos.

What is the legal age to gamble in Connecticut?

The legal age to play bingo, purchase lottery tickets, or bet at the races is 18. Once you turn 21 you are of legal age to attend land-based or online casinos and poker rooms and bet on online sportsbooks.

Is Connecticut online gambling safe?

Yes! It is the playerā€™s responsibility to vet the site at which they choose to play, but now that online gambling in Connecticut is regulated, safe options are even more abundant.

Are online casinos legal in Connecticut?

Yes, residents can also play at other sites housed in the rest of the country and offshore.