Online Gambling in Wyoming -
Casino & Sports Betting

Wyoming, also known as The Equality State, is a beautiful piece of the United States known for Yellowstone National Park and its wide-open spaces. Lovers of gambling, however, need to know Wyoming’s laws because they are quite restrictive.

Since Wyoming’s population is also very small, residents and visitors will find that they might have to travel a great deal to get the most out of The Equality State’s gambling offerings.

The rules and regulations surrounding gambling in Wyoming are ever changing. It is your responsibility to stay abreast of the situation and confirm that the activities you are participating in are legal.

This article should clarify some of the larger points and give you confidence to choose the activities you enjoy while staying within safe, legal, respectable limits.

Sports Betting in Wyoming

Sports betting in Wyoming was illegal when PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act) passed in 1992. The passing of this act banned sports betting, and in 2018 the federal courts struck it down, allowing states to decide for themselves whether or not they would allow sports betting. In September of 2021 sports betting became legal in Wyoming. Below are some of the best teams to bet on, now that you can do so legally!

Online Casino in Wyoming

Online casino in Wyoming is not licensed or regulated; however, residents are allowed to play on out-of-state or offshore sites without being charged, fined, or prosecuted for this activity. However, we do not recommend this as many sites are not vetted and customers can get into shady situations.


Is online gambling legal in Wyoming?

It isn’t illegal, but Wyoming residents cannot host online gambling sites. They can, however, participate in sites from other states or offshore locations. We do not recommend this, though.

Are there land-based casinos in Wyoming?

Yes, Wyoming has live casinos on tribal land.

Can I play with a real live dealer in Wyoming?

Yes, at the tribal casinos.

What is the legal age to gamble in Wyoming?

The legal age for all forms of gambling in Wyoming is 18.

Will I be able to gamble in Wyoming on my tablet or phone?

Yes, as long as you are using a site that is not based out of Wyoming. This is not recommended, however.

Are Wyoming online casinos legal?

No, but residents may choose to participate in other sites not based in Wyoming. We do not recommend participating in this type of gambling, though, as it is often unsafe.