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North Carolina, also known as The Tar Heel State, has been a fixture of the country since colonial times. The state was a hub for supplying tar, pitch, and turpentine to the Navy for shipbuilding. The stateā€™s plentiful pine trees were used as lumber in the shipyard, as well. People also say that the nickname ā€˜Tar Heelā€™ can also be used to refer to North Carolina citizens and their pride in being anchored and grounded in the land. The legislation regarding North Carolina online gambling is constantly changing, and each individual is responsible for knowing whether they are participating in a legal activity.

This article is important whether you play the lottery, want to offer your money to charity, or are wondering if you can relax on your couch and play online casino games on your electronic tablet. There arenā€™t many options for gambling in most of the southern states, but this article will tell you what you can legally do.

Online Casino in North Carolina

Online gambling based out of North Carolina is illegal; however, some residents of The Tar Heel State place bets at online gambling sites that are housed in other states or offshore, but we do not recommend to do so.

Sports Betting in North Carolina

Sports betting in North Carolina is illegal since PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act) passed in 1992. The passing of this act banned sports betting, and in 2018 the federal courts struck it down, allowing states to decide for themselves whether or not they would allow sports betting.Ā 

North Carolina has yet to make it legal.

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No, not if it is a site based in North Carolina. Residents will not be penalized, though, for gambling elsewhere.

Ā You must be 21 to bet at casinos, but North Carolina residents can bet offshore once they are 18.

Yes, there are two land-based casinos run by Native American tribes. One is in Cherokee and one is in Murphy, both in the western, mountainous area of North Carolina.

Yes, if you are participating in a site that is not based out of North Carolina, yes. If you are a resident of the state, you can gamble elsewhere.

Yes, if you go to one of the two tribal casinos in the western part of the state.

No, you may not operate an online casino out of North Carolina.

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