How To Use Your Feelings Whilst Gambling

How To Use Your Feelings Whilst Gambling

Published Date · Sept. 3, 2020 · Last Updated · June 30, 2022 ·Read Time · 4 mins

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Everyone has heard of the expression ‘poker face’ whilst playing the much loved casino game. What other ways are there to be able to use your emotions to gain an advantage whilst playing on an online casino?

Use Your Excitement to Your Advantage

The thrill of online gambling is a big attraction for customers. Whilst it is important to know what exactly you are betting on, you can use the adrenaline on games to help you with your bets. For instance, if you win three hands in a row on blackjack, you may feel it is time to increase your stake for the next hand and take advantage of this good run of form. However, it is key to keep control of your emotions. Do not get carried away and bet what could be a damaging loss for you. It is vital to make sure you do not stake more than what you would be comfortable losing.

Similar logic can be applied to a game of roulette, too. It is very possible that you can have a lucky run of numbers and win consecutively on multiple spins. This then could leave you feeling the adrenaline and wanting to up the ante a bit. This is sometimes sensible but only if you are in control of what you are doing. The casino will always have the house edge over a player. This must be taken into consideration before drastically upping the stakes of your bets. Whilst it often seems that luck can be in or out when you are playing on roulette, the probability of the ball landing on each number never changes. It will always be a one in 37 chance that the ball lands on a specific number. Often roulette players have their favourite numbers that they keep going to. If those numbers are popping up often in a short period then it can be tempting to keep upping the stakes on their bets in anticipation that the pattern will continue. Make sure you do not fall into the trap of thinking that the previous sequence will impact the the future numbers that pop up.

Gamble With Your Head Not Your Heart

This is vital in making sure you have the best control of your emotions and enjoy your online experience as much as possible. You must know the correct time to stop playing. This could be whether you are in profit and walking away with a healthy amount, or whether you are out of luck and are deciding not to continue after making a loss. There will be no one to advise you when is the right time to stop so it is up to you to make the decision of when to walk away. Picking that moment can be tough. One of the best ways to do this is to set a time limit before you start playing. Then when the reminder pops up that you have been playing for a while, you know it is time to think about stopping.

Online casinos are a business and are in it to make money. It is important to remember that the longer you game for, the more the house edge pattern becomes apparent. Gaming for short periods is fun but once you gamble for hours at a time it is likely that you will start to lose more. Use your head and quit at the right time.


Understand Your Own Emotions

Whilst the advice in this piece may appeal to some, it may not necessarily cover everyone. Each person is unique and will enjoy online casinos in their own way. When some people may walk away after a couple of losses, others may have the funds to try and stake higher to win their money back. Generally this is discouraged but it just is the way some like to go. This is only recommended if you can definitely afford to lose what you are staking. Gambling is supposed to be fun. Would you have fun if you lost big amounts of money that impacted your daily life?

This piece has already covered why it is important to understand your own emotions when playing on an online casino. Do not gamble when you are under pressure with problems in your life. It can be very foolish to see it as an escape when in fact it will make things worse. If you are betting under the influence of alcohol then be sure to be aware of your surroundings. It can be fun but it can also have devastating consequences.

Consider an online casino as a strategy game. It can be fun but you must play smart to win. Be aware of the risks, have a strategy and do what you can to have some fun. Do not let any emotions overcome your thinking – you need to be aware of what you are doing. Avoid competing with other players in games such as roulette. Ensure that you are disciplined and always in full control of your chips.


Phoebe Greenwood

Content Writer