Why Is Online Blackjack Popular?

Why Is Online Blackjack Popular?

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Published date · July 19, 2019 | Last Updated · July 6, 2022 | Read Time: 3 mins


You might be wondering why online blackjack is so popular. For a start, can we even begin to refer to you as a genuine gambler if you haven’t played blackjack? Not at all! When it comes to talks about table games, blackjack always takes the lead for one reason or the other.

Out of every ten gamblers you can find in a real casino, if all ten players haven’t played live blackjack, then nine must have played blackjack online. The popularity of blackjack goes way back in history. The game has always been a killer piece of pure thrilling entertainment.

You can play blackjack anywhere, even in online casinos. The game is so popular because individuals of all age play it as a recreational game, whether at a casino table or at the family’s kitchen table. Concurrently, a lot of people prefer to play live blackjack because it comes with a whole lot of advantage than other table games.

Here are some key reasons behind the popularity of online blackjack to help answer why is blackjack so popular?

Low House Edge

Out of all the numerous online casino games, people still prefer to play blackjack online because of the little advantage the house has over its players. If the house edge is huge, it means players would have a lower chance of winning anything. Most of the popular gambling websites have its house edge in its online blackjack games to be less than 6%.

If you consider yourself an excellent blackjack player, you can further reduce the house edge to as low as 1%. As long as you’re wagering with the right blackjack strategy, you can double your bet in no time.

Even if you’re not that good at playing any real money game, online blackjack is one game where you can still win big regardless. Moreover, the frequency of wins in online blackjack ensures that players are coming back.


It Isn't Just About Luck

Online blackjack isn’t all about luck, although odds has a role to play in any casino game. Nonetheless, understanding how the game works and grasping the basic strategy counts a lot. Playing blackjack involves a lot of strategy and adaptability as players must be able to make the right decisions depending on the hand dealt. So, in the end, it requires a little bit of skill, which makes it all the more exciting.

People knowing that their skills can be used to dictate their wins in online blackjack arose lots of interest for the game. Combined with the prospect of making real money out of it, no wonder skilled players keep coming back to the table.


Live Gaming

Another reason why online blackjack is a popular game is because of its live dealer feature. People often see live blackjack as one of the most popular multiplayer game.

The advantage of live games is not only a sense of feeling right on the casino floor, but it is also the ‘humanisation’ of an online game.

Indeed, you can see the dealer dealing you a set of cards where you’d have to make the right choice from the options handed to you. Whatever you decide to do can either double your bet or not. But whatever the case may be, live blackjack has a way of intoxicating players.

It's Convenient

Although this characteristic applies to most online casino games, it is all the more fitting to online blackjack. The game is easy to understand and it doesn’t require much to play. You need good strategy skills and insight, but you do not need to be a statistician to be able to play online blackjack. All you need is a mobile device or a computer and an internet connection.

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