What Are The Payout Odds On A Roulette Wheel?

Last modified: December 14, 2020

Roulette payout odds are an indication of how frequent you expect the roulette odds to be in your favour. When you use bet systems that use specific parameters to tell the winning number, the roulette table odds can be altered. Roulette systems can offer different outcomes. An original bet can have different offers and outcomes. A professional gambler can work out what odds are good and use them to their favour when they visit a casino with their funds.

As a bet player who wants to stake real money bets on an online casino game, it is paramount that you consolidate with your chance of winning at the game. This is correct for a game where each type of bet has a definite mathematical rule guiding it.

You stand a lot to gain in terms of roulette odds when you are playing European Roulette than American Roulette. Indeed, the house edge effect is lower for the former. This also means that your odds of at in roulette is more significant when you play European roulette. The “En Prison” and the “La Partage” roulette strategies are notorious for having such lower house edge benefits for bet players. There are two important types of bet in the roulette game- the Inside and the outside bets. Their designations are as a result of their position on the roulette table. While the chance of winning for the inside bets is lower, they have a more massive roulette payout. At the other hand, the outside bets have a lower payout but then a higher chance of winning at the game.

Below is a well-prepared table that shows your chances of winning for the American and the European Roulette and their designated roulette payout. But it is not exhaustive for all the known roulette bets such as called bets and street bets.

Roulette Bet type American Roulette Odds European Roulette Odds Roulette Payout
Single number bet 2.60% 2.70% 35-1
2 number bet 5.3% 5.4% 17-1
3 number bet 7.9% 8.1% 1-1
4 number bet 10.5% 10.8% 8-1
5 number bet 13.2% 13.5% 6-1
6 number bet 15.8% 16.2% 5-1
Odd or Even number bet 47.4% 48.6% 1-1
High or Low number bet 47.4% 48.6% 1-1
Numbers in a column 31.6% 32.4% 2-1
Red or Black number bet 47.4% 48.6% 1-1
12 Number Bet 31.6% 32.4% 2-1
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