How to Find The Best Online Casino to Play Blackjack

How to Find The Best Online Casino to Play Blackjack

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Published date · Oct. 14, 2022 | Last Updated · Dec. 5, 2022 | Read Time: 4 mins

Online casinos provide those that enjoy gambling online a platform to place real money bets from the comfort of their own home or while on the move. These casinos are incredibly user-friendly and come with built-in cross-platform support. As a result, players can sign up and make deposits in a matter of minutes via a desktop/PC, tablet, and/or smartphone. And, once signed up, one of the most sought-after online casino games today is blackjack. This is mainly because playing blackjack online is far superior compared to their land-based casino counterparts.

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Most online casinos offer players 20 to 30 variants of blackjack between ‘live dealer games’ and ‘virtual table games’ lobbies. Live blackjack tables bring an authentic land-based casino experience to players’ desktop/mobile devices via webcams streaming real-life cards and dealers. Virtual tables allow players to take their time and play on virtual RNG (random number generator) operated tables. On top of this, both options support varying min-max table limits aimed at low, medium, and high stakes players. As a blackjack player, your key mission is to find the best and most reputable online casinos to play blackjack. To help you with that process, here are 7 important tips to consider.

Choose a Reputable Online Casino

When searching for an online casino to play blackjack, your first port of call should be to review the licensing. Look to see if the casino has a domestic licence for your jurisdiction. For example, in the UK, all online casinos should display a licence from the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). Usually, you’ll find the UKGC logo in the footer of the casino and you can click on it to view the licence number. Failing this, you will find it in the casino’s terms and conditions. If you cannot find any licensing information, then you should disregard the casino. This is for good reason. Licensed casinos operate under a framework designed to protect players. For example, the casino must adhere to consumer rights laws, legally binding terms and conditions, and financial rules.

Make Sure There is a Variety of Blackjack Games

Most blackjack players tend to stick to one table variant so they can master their basic strategy. However, to find a blackjack table with rules that suit your style of play, you will need a casino with a wide variety of options. The most popular variants use 4 decks and the S17 DAS rules because they come with a low house edge. That said, you are more likely to find 8 deck variants using these rules. Also, you will need to consider the table limits available. If you are a high roller, live dealer blackjack tables can offer VIP tables with max bets up to £25,000. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a low stake option, then virtual tables will suit you better. Just as a side note, most live dealer blackjack tables will start with a minimum bet of £1.00 per bet.

Read Casino Reviews

Casino reviews are always a helpful research tool. Most will come with a casino rating giving you an indication as to how popular the casino is. Reviews also cover information you might miss when researching an online casino by visiting the website. For instance, the person carrying out the review will examine the casino’s terms and conditions and point out helpful facts. This could be something as small as the casino charging 2.5% for every withdrawal, which you may not agree with. Had you not read the review, you may have missed this point.


Check Payment Options/Withdrawal Processes

Being able to deposit and withdraw in a timely manner is important for all online casino players. Deposits should credit your account instantly and the casino should offer deposits free of charge. As for cashing out, the time it takes to approve your withdrawal differs depending on the casino. If instant withdrawals are important to you, you need to choose a fast withdrawal method. eWallets and cards are usually the fastest. Also, you will need to avoid casinos with lengthy pending times, which is the time it takes to approve the withdrawal. Choosing a convenient deposit/withdrawal method is another important factor. If you want to pay by card, you can use debit cards, but in the UK, you cannot use credit cards. Other points that may affect your decision on whether to join an online casino are deposit/withdrawal limits. Most casinos will have a payments page that shows the minimum and maximum deposit as well as withdrawal limits. If not, then you can always check to see if a casino review covered these points.

Review the Casino Bonuses Available

There are plenty of blackjack card sharks that enjoy playing blackjack using bonus money. Yet, finding bonuses that allow betting on blackjack tables using bonus money is admittedly a challenge. Most online casinos exclude blackjack games from bonus bets along with progressive jackpots, video poker, and other games. If you also like playing online slots, then this isn’t a problem. However, if you are a through and through blackjack card shark, then this limits your choice of casino. The good news is, that there are casinos out there with bonus offers that allow you to use your bonus to play blackjack. Therefore, it is important to check the game weights portion of the bonus terms provided by the casino. You will see blackjack tables displayed as 0%, 5%, 10%, 15% or 20%. As long as the percentage is not 0%, then you can bet using bonus money.

Becoming Accustomed to Finding the Best Online Casinos to Play Blackjack

When you are looking for a reputable online casino to play blackjack, there are a few key points to consider. Always check for licensing that correlates with your jurisdiction. Next, choose a casino with blackjack tables that suit your style of play and/or preferred basic strategy. Also, make sure the table limits match your budget if this information is available. Furthermore, you can read casino reviews to spot information you may have missed during your research. As for your casino balance, ensure the casino has suitable deposit/withdrawal methods, payout time frames, and bonus deals.

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