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Thunderkick is one of several new-wave Online Slot developers from the Nordics. Its games offer brilliant graphics, non-stop action, and lots of quirks. Every little thing that could improve a slot game has been thought of. Lots of details and features rolled together with a sense of humor. Thunderkick is not yet licensed in any states in the United States

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Thunderkick Review

Get the Ball Rolling with Thunderkick

Being brilliant at what they do, one may wonder why Thunderkick is not far more prominent. Indeed, the founders and developers believe they should keep it small and efficient. The bigger it becomes, the less focus gets spent on making games. Thunderkick concentrates on developing slot games and has a sizeable casino client list.

Get ready to be amazed and for your mind to get blown. The cartoonish games create an innovative and brilliant experience when playing them. Therefore, we can advise you to keep your eye out for all their new game offerings and make this your go-to software provider. You will not regret it.

The Swedish company is a small and efficient provider, certainly not one of the most provider games creators in the sector. Their business focuses on quality over quantity in its online slot games.

A Brief History of Thunderkick

Started in Stockholm in 2012, Thunderkick was launched "with a couple of guys who decided to do their own thing." In a hugely dynamic and competitive industry, they wanted to be different and ensure fun ran through everything they did.

This small studio has grown to 60+ people, with its slot game catalog growing fast. They now have more than 60 slot machines to play online, offering their innovative and high-quality graphics.

Aside from the hugely popular Sword of Khans, other in-demand games include Pink Elephants 2, Dragon Horn, and Flame Busters.

It is one game slot game provider that continues to go from strength to strength - they are worth keeping an eye on!

The Magic of Thunderkick Online Slots

Serious gamers are looking for a quality gaming experience full of surprises that do not disappoint. It represents all of what Thunderkick games offer. Indeed, this software provider creates games that are fresh and innovative. One could say that every single online slot provides something unique.

It is because bright minds create them with years of gaming experience. These guys know what works and what doesn't work. But most importantly, they know how to enhance what's working.

When it comes to slots, quality is the name of the game. You can quickly identify a Thunderkick slot game from the quirky themes. They tend to have a cartoony sense of fun within minimalist design elements. Since there is so much attention to detail with the Thunderkick games, they are a little harder to find. You should know your favorite Thunderkick titles on sites with thousands of games to make it easier to play on them.

There is something that makes Thunderkick slots pop out. While you will find that other developers keep it basic with themes and graphics, this is not the case with Thunderkick.

Sleek finishes and gameplay that offer adventure at every turn are what you can expect from this developer. In addition, they share release dates for their new offerings, which are often highly anticipated. These popular slots need to be a part of your bucket list.

So far, they have just over 20 games available, most of which are slots. Playing on your PC and mobile devices is possible as the games have been created in HTML5. Some titles are viral, including Pink Elephants, Flame Busters, Barbershop Uncut, Spectra, and Birds on a Wire.

As mentioned above, Thunderkick currently offers a relatively small catalog of online slot machines. That is not to say they don't have some hugely popular games, which we are sure you have probably already come across online.

Potentially the best-known of their slots is Sword of Khans, a high-volatility game that offers plenty of big-win potentials. However, as with most online slots, most of these big wins lie within the bonus round, where expanding wins can return huge rewards.

Their stunning selection of slot games has been created in HTML5, so they are optimized for both PC and mobile devices. It means you can enjoy Thunderkick slots whenever and wherever you choose.

Swipe and Play the Mobile Casinos by Thunderkick

Mobile devices allow players to experience flexibility when enjoying online casino games. More people are choosing to play while on the go. Thunderkick has ensured that playing on mobile casinos and various mobile platforms is possible. Players can now enjoy Thunderkick games on Android and iOS devices and Windows Phones.

The slots are the most popular games that players look for on mobile. Thunderkick has a brilliant selection to choose from. The Thunderkick mobile slots include Arcader, Barber Shop Uncut, Bork the Berzerker Hack, Dragon Horn, Flame Busters, Frog Grog, Full Moon Romance, Luchadora, Zoom, and plenty more.

Thunderkick Slot Game Bonuses & Features

Thunderkick bonuses help players further elevate their playing experience. In addition, some games have brilliant multipliers, such as a 32x multiplier for an encouraging win.

With Thunderkick, you will find that no games offer massive progressive jackpots. It would seem like a disadvantage, but it isn't. Instead, players can play several unique slot games and accumulate wins. By doing this, they open themselves to more bonus features. They can also benefit from brilliant multipliers.

The games also offer high volatility, so you will win big if you win. However, since the games are so great, even if you lose, the experience of playing will more than make up for it.

If a player is looking for benefits to drive their gaming experience, the choice of casino is essential. Some casinos will offer free spins, while others match bonuses on slot games and special offers. For example, in some casinos, you will find free spin offers on Thunderkick video slots. It makes it possible for you to try them out without the risk of losing your bankroll.

The Little Quirks of Thunderkick Games

With such a brilliant array of games, you will find Thunderkick offerings on many slot sites. As of now, more than 60 accredited casinos currently feature Thunderkick games.

Some casinos exclusively offer Thunderkick games, though you will find these games on other casinos as well. What you can count on is the quality of the casino you will find these games in.

For the game's visual aspect, you will find that the 3D visuals on some of the games are well enhanced. The games are not great because of looks alone. The soundtracks that accompany these games are also exceptional.

What Makes Thunderkick Games Unique

The real selling point of Thunderkick's games is their incredible 3D graphics, which are super-enhanced, especially compared to rival developers. These unique visuals bring your game to life and offer a truly immersive gaming experience. Moreover, the soundtracks accompanying their games are head and shoulders above their competitors.

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