Why Do So Many People Bet On Number 29?

Why Do So Many People Bet On Number 29?

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Published date · June 18, 2019 | Last Updated · July 21, 2022 | Read Time: 2 mins

When playing online roulette, or in a casino, you may come across the bet on Number 29. A lot of people often bet on Number 29. Funny enough the roulette odd on the Roulette Number 29 is the same as any other number on the roulette wheel.


People tend to believe its a lucky number. People often bet on Number 29 when they are losing in the game. Mathematically, if we are to simulate roulette, with 400 spins, let’s say we use the French roulette. We can expect the occurrence count on Number 29 to be about 10.8, i.e., 400/37. With this number of occurrences, you can raise your income if you bet on Number 29 by 53%.
But in summary, Number 29 is just a lucky roulette number, and it has no unique trick attached. Moreover, Number 29 is a black number in the European roulette. It also sits between the roulette numbers red number 18 and red number 7. Some people bet on Number 29 because they believe there are several facts attached to it.
For example, in languages like Turkish, Spanish, or Danish; they contain 29 alphabets. Because of that, people consider the number 29 to be a unique number and as such betting on the Number 29 should win.
Again, in chemistry, the number 29 happens to be the atomic number of Copper. So, they tend to relate it to the game of roulette and bet on the Number 29 and hope for a little luck to shine on their path. In the end, to always win in roulette, you need to understand a little bit of math and roulette itself.

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