Understand the Green 0 in Roulette

Understand the Green 0 in Roulette

Published Date · Sept. 15, 2022 · Last Updated · March 13, 2024 ·Read Time · 3 mins

Roulette has long been considered one of the most enjoyable casino games. The game may look difficult to play at first glance. After all, there is a wheel and a confusing-looking betting table. However, the game is easier to play than you might think. You essentially place bets relating to the number the ball lands on the roulette wheel. There is one aspect of roulette that causes confusion for many, though. That is the green zero. Players often wonder why it is there or what it is for. Well, in this guide, we clear up everything you need to know about that iconic green zero!

What is the Green Zero for in the Game of Roulette?

In short, the green zero is the segment on the roulette wheel that provides the casino with an edge. As the zero is green and not even or odd, it nullifies most other bets on the board. It is excluded from all bets aside from those placed directly on that number. When the green zero lands, the casino essentially wins all bets aside from those that wagered on that number.

Green Zero in European Roulette

If you place straight-up bets when playing roulette, you will win 35 to 1. However, because of the green zero, the odds of winning that bet are 36 to 1. That gives the casino a house edge of 2.7%, which is not unreasonable. In contrast, casinos have a 4-7% house edge on video slots. As mentioned previously, the casino usually takes advantage of that house edge whenever the green zero lands.

Green Zero in American Roulette

There is one major difference between the American and European variations of roulette. American Roulette not only has a green zero but also a double green zero. That gives the casino an increased house edge of 5.26%. For that reason, we always recommend you play European Roulette wherever possible. You stand a slightly better chance of success in the long term. Rather than having one number that nullifies all bets, this variation of roulette has two.

Is it Possible to Bet on the Green Zero?

Absolutely, but only as an inside bet. You will not win outside bets if the green zero lands on the wheel. That means you will lose all odd/even, black/red, and first 18/second 18 bets. It also includes dozen bets such as 1 – 12 or 25 – 36. So ideally, you will only want to play the green zero bet as a part of a strategy when placing inside bets.


What does Green Zero Pay in Roulette?

On both the European and American roulette variations, a straight-up bet on the green zero will pay 35 to 1. Alternatively, you can place your chips on the lines between the green zero and the numbers connected to it. That includes the split bets of 0/1, 0/2, or 0/3 and the 0/1/2 and 0/2/3 street bets. The final option is to place the 0/1/2/3 corner bet. Split bets pay 17 to 1, while street bets and corner bets pay 17 to 1 and 11 to 1, respectively.

Which Casino Offers the Best Roulette Games?

Most online casinos will offer roulette games that you can play. However, some offer more than others, while some offer unique variations that feature slight twists of the standard rules. Roulette is usually available in both RNG (random number generator) format or as a live casino game streamed live to your device.

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Final Thoughts

The green zero is the most iconic number on a roulette wheel. However, as you can see from this guide, it is not there to look pretty. It is there for a reason, to make the casino money. It is where the casino gets its house edge. Of course, you can still win money from that number, but it nullifies most wagers on the board. Hopefully, this guide has given you the information you were searching for regarding roulette’s famed green zero!


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