Can You Cheat at Online Roulette?

Can You Cheat at Online Roulette?

Published Date · Aug. 4, 2022 · Last Updated · Nov. 8, 2023 ·Read Time · 5 mins

Roulette Cheating Throughout History 

No game has proven immune to the swindlers, with Blackjack, Craps, Baccarat, and Slot Machines all falling victim to cons of some description. So too has perhaps the most famous game of them all –Roulette. Land-based casinos are, of course, but one side of the coin in modern times, with online operators experiencing record levels of turnover. So, what of the game of roulette in this new virtual environment? Can it be cheated? The answer to that question is that -unless you are an ingenious hacker/computer programmer or have insider access to an online casino’s software–you are going to find it exceedingly difficult to circumvent the security systems and Random Number Generator (RNG) software. However, that difficulty has not prevented certain players from attempting to tilt the odds in their favour.

Bonus Abuse When Playing Roulette Online

One of the most popular modern methods of gaining an edge over online casinos by targeting the variety of enticing new player bonuses available.

Low-Risk Play

Almost all casino bonuses come with a staking requirement. Taking a $1000 matched deposit bonus with a 10x wagering requirement as an example, this would require the player to stake a total of £20,000 (£1000 deposit+£1000 bonus) x 10 = £20,000. The question in the minds of the bonus abusers then becomes how to meet the staking requirements at the lowest possible risk. Say, for example, a player stakes £18 on Red, £18 on Black, and £1 on Zero; they will lose £1 on each spin.

However, using this staking plan, it will only take around 540 spins to reach the £20,000 staking requirement, for a total loss of £540. At that point, the value of the initial deposit (£1000), plus the remaining bonus cash (£1000-£540 = £460), will become withdrawable, leaving the player to line their pockets with a total profit of £460. Good in theory, but all play is strictly monitored and available for review. Any pattern of low-risk play -which is almost always covered in a casino’s terms and conditions -will result in the bonus cash being withheld and possible account closure.

Multiple Account Use

Or why not simply open multiple accounts with the same operator to take advantage of the bonus offer over and over again? A simple idea and one which many have tried. It’s going to take something far more sophisticated than this to pull the wool over the casino’s eyes, though.

All top operators possess thorough security systems, either developed in-house or through an expert third party. Dead giveaways of multiple account scammers include more than one account registered from the same IP address and payment methods registered to the same individual or address being used on more than one account. Should you somehow manage to avoid detection, you will still need to provide valid identification before withdrawing any cash – a significant problem when opening an account under a fake name and address.

Hacking the Provider Server

If – and it’s a big if – a hacker was able to worm their way past the complex security systems, they may attempt to take advantage in one of three ways.

  • Award credits to an account to gamble effectively for free.
  • Tamper with the casino’s random number generator.
  • Alter the source code of the game.

Note, however, that the source of all winnings is checked before the withdrawal. Achieving any of the above without leaving a trace is a tall order. So difficult a task, in fact, that there are no documented instances of a reputable online casino being successfully hacked. It is also important to remember that hacking an online casino constitutes a criminal offence, and the culprit may end up behind bars.

Betting Bots for Online Roulette

Betting bots are essentially computer programmes which can be instructed to play casino games whilst the account holder carries out other tasks. In a standard game of roulette, these programmes offer no conceivable way of gaining an edge over the casino.

Betting Bots may be more useful in roulette formats with a bonus feature, such as huge boosts on certain numbers or slots-linked games. By programming the bot to play a large number of tables, the player is more likely to hit a bonus feature than by playing one table alone. Whilst true, this method still cannot overcome the in-built house edge of the casino. Betting Bots have their uses, but guaranteeing a win is not one of them.


Strategies to Win at Roulette

As a game of pure luck, there is no way in which to gain an advantage at roulette. However, there are a couple of points to bear in mind, which will at least ensure you obtain maximum value from your betting buck.

  • Avoid American Roulette

Standard European Roulette has a house edge of 2.70% and is the most popular version currently played online. Thanks to the “La Partage” rule – which returns half of the stake to the player for all even money bets whenever the ball lands on zero – the edge in French Roulette is only 1.35%. French Roulette is the version to play when available. Unlike the European and French wheels, which feature a single zero, an American Roulette wheel has both a single zero and a double zero. Just one extra slot on the wheel, but enough to bump the house edge right up to 5.26%!

  • Target Bonuses with Low Turnover Requirements

The number one factor when assessing the value of a bonus is the attached wagering requirement – the lower, the better. A 100% matched deposit bonus with a 10x wagering requirement provides a real opportunity to convert those bonus funds into real money. 35x is a reasonable offer but much higher, and the deal is firmly in favour of the casino.

Cheating at Online Roulette: A Lot of Hard Work for Potentially Little Reward

Putting aside the dishonesty of the endeavour for a second, attempting to cheat at online roulette is not only all but impossible but also highly likely to lead to negative consequences. Bonus scammers or low-risk players will simply have their accounts closed. Attempted hackers, meanwhile, may face far worse consequences, including the freezing and withholding of funds, criminal investigations, and possible jail time. So far better to simply play the game at face value. Gambling is supposed to be about fun, after all, and this game, which has captured the imagination of gamblers for centuries, has a lot to offer – without the need to cheat.

Now you know how online roulette works, you can try your luck at one of the casinos that we recommend for playing roulette.

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