When To Bet On Zero in Roulette?

When To Bet On Zero in Roulette?

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Zero in American and European Roulette

The zero is placed on a green socket of the roulette wheel. In European Roulette wheel the zero sits between black number 26 and red number 32. While as in American Roulette wheel the zero lies generally between black 28 and black 2 and the 00 lies between red 27 and red 1. The sequence may differ on various American roulette wheels.

It is possible to bet on zero in the same way as betting on a single number. Based on the roulette wheels, the zero bets can be placed once in European roulette tables and on 0 and 00 in American roulette tables. The roulette payouts are the same as betting on any other single number on the roulette table.

When you are playing on the American roulette wheel you should place a row bet. The row bet cannot be placed on the European roulette wheel because of the absence of double zero. The bet will include both the zeros simultaneously increasing your win chances. If the ball stops on any of the 0 or 00, you can receive a 17/1 payout. However, the odds in both the wheels are 35: 1.

Tactics Around Zero

The most famous way of casing zero is with voisins du Zero Bet. It covers the numbers from 22-25 including zero which are the voisins of zero. Another method of casing zero is Jet Zero bet which is actually the mini version of Voisins du Zero bet where 6 next numbers, 2 from the right and 4 from the left to zero are well covered.

Remember there are many bets like dozens that will not pay when the ball lands on the zero. The zero bets should be made on the French roulette wheel or European roulette wheel that comprises of single zero.

In Roulette when to bet on zero proves to be a good roulette strategy to increase your chances of winning and become an ace roulette player.

People play roulette either on an American roulette wheel or European roulette wheel. The difference between the two lies in roulette wheel numbers. The American roulette wheel has all the numbers of the European roulette wheel with a double zero to its addition.  The numbers 1-36 are imprinted on red-black colored slots while the zero and double zero are placed on a green socket in both American as well as European roulette tables.  The number bet can be placed on a single number or group of roulette wheel numbers depending on the type of bets placed.

There are various types of bets in roulette like split bet, single numbers, street, corner, six line, dozens, even or odd, columns, red or black, and voisins du, etc. that give upper house edge to casinos.


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